The Great World War (Venetian-Italian Supremacy)
Magnus Bellum Orbem
Timeline: Venice-Italian Supremacy

The Great World War (Venetian-Italian Supremacy)

date: 5/7/1913 - 5/7/1920
location: Europe, Africa, Asia
result: Treaty of Peace with the Victory of the Latin Alliance
Latin Alliance

ItalianKingdomVeniceKingdom and Papacy of Italy
FrenchFlagFrench Empire
OttomanFlagOttoman Sultanate
Flag of the British East India Company (1801)United Kingdom of England and Holland
SwedishFlagSwedish Kingdom
AustroItalianAlianceAustro-Germanic Confederation (After 1916)

Germanic Pact

GermanEmpireFlagGerman Empire
AustroItalianAlianceAustro-Germanic Confederation(Until 1916)
RomanianPatriarchyFlagRomania Orthodox Patriarchy

Casualties and losses

1,500,000 (military)
500,000 (civilian)

5,000,000 (military)
1,000,000 (civilian)

The Great World War, is the major conflict that happened in the world, being after it all the borders maintained until the major Polish rebellion.

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