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The Welsh Empire in ABNW Map 1

The Great Welsh Empire and her 24 Provinces is an empire which is situated in Europe and has some territories in the New World (Canada), New Wales and Greenland. The empire is divided into 24 provinces to make the empire easier to manage. It is presumed to be one of the leading powers cantered in Europe (Tied with France and Greece) and is one of the world leading powers (Others being the Turkish Caliphate, the Carthage Republic, the American Empire and China). It is the biggest country centred in Europe.


Early Years

In Year -100 Wales was divided into many different tribes, being overshadowed by the endless battles between Anglo-Saxsons and Vikings. To try and combat these powers who was going to take over Wales, Welsh tribes decided to unite an Union, with Cardiff being the capital. With the new Union in place, the Anglo-Saxsons or the Vikings dared to attack Wales, seeing as this land being pointless. For the next 40 years Wales stabilised themselves, with no attacking other countries, watching them fight pointless wars.

However, in Year -60 the Vikings began an attack on Northern Wales, taking the coastline. This was the first ever proper war the Welsh have ever fought United. In the first few years of the war the Vikings won and took all of Northern Wales. However, after 5 years, Wales made a terrible attack on the Battle of Aberswiswith which was won by the Welsh. After that Wales made an important alliance with the English Kingdom which meant the Welsh had the upper hand.

The Vikings weren't easy to beat and it took the Welsh another 10 years to drive the Vikings out of Wales. By then the Welsh demanded to have some extra land. In the Treaty of Cardiff the Vikings said that they did not have any claim to Wales and that it handed over the Isle of Man to Wales. It also said in the Treaty that the Vikings must help them. They also handed out East North Wales to England.

A growing Welsh Power

Disputes in Northern Wales lead to the 1st Anglo-Welsh war which broke out in Year -39. The Vikings, due to the Treaty of Cardiff had to help out Wales and began an invasion of East England. England, beleiving they could crush Wales began an offence in South Wales but was unsuccessful due to Viking presence. In Year -36 England sued for peace and in the Treaty of Hull, England had to hand over the entire East clast and have to hand over South West and the Liverpool and Manchester area of England to Wales.

Wales continued to grow in power. They began a conquest of the Picts (-32--24) which meant that the Picts would have to hand over West Scotland and become a client state of Wales.

In -29 Wales and the Vikings ended freindly relationships.

In the -20s the Vikings lost the East coast to England.

The Great English War

In -20 a crisis became in England. Edward the confessor died and due to having no son there was confusion on who would become the next English king. On his death bead Edward touched Harold's (a powerful Englishman) hand and that was enough for the English to pronounce him the next king. This angers the Duke of Normandy who claimed that he was the next English king. The Welsh king also claimed that he was the most powerful man in Britain and he should have the throne. The Vikings also said that England should be there's. The stage was set for the Great English War.

When King Harold was pronounced King of England, the Welsh king saw a chance to conquer England and began an invasion of England, taking from West and North. The Vikings, also seeing a chance to take back what was there's began an invasion of East England. To make matters worse the Duke of Normandy began an invasion of South England.

England fell quickly to the 3 invaders and in the Battle of Nottingham Harold was killed and all 4 sides fought at once. This marked the end of England. This was only the first stages of the war as the last 3 opponents had to battle it out.

Wales needed allies to succeed, they turned to Ireland saying that if they help them, then they would make Ireland Lords powerful in future England. The Irish Lords agreed and Wales had extra forces. The Vikings proved to be the easiest one to beat and after 8 years of grueling war, the Vikings left Britain for the last time.

By now there were only 2 sides left: Wales and Ireland Vs Normandy and support of France. Wales began an invasion French England, refusing a peace treaty. In the 2nd Battle of Nottingham the Welsh King died, which was a major blow for the Welsh but was succeeded by his son, which was more of the leader than the first.

4 more years of disastrous war in England and the Normans finally withdrew back over the English Channel. They offered another peace treaty but the Welsh refused and began an invasion of Normandy. It only took 1 more year (-5) and Normandy was defeated ones and for all.

Post war and invasion of Ireland

The next 5 years was rebuilding after the Great English War. The Irish had a lot of power over England due to the Power System (like the Feudal System). However, the Welsh abandoned ones the system in Year 1 which made the Irish extremely angry. The Welsh began an invasion of Ireland.