The Great War was a war that occurred between The Allies (Russian Empire, French Third Republic (France), The British Empire, Empire of Japan, Kingdom of Italy, and the United States, plus all there empires and colonies) and The Central Powers (German Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, and The Ottoman Empire,  plus there colonies and empires)
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The World War from the point of view of a soldier


There were several reasons The Great War started, one being the various alliances. These guaranteed that if two countries have a war than the whole world would get involved. 

When the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, it started the chain reaction that caused The Great War.

  • Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia.
  • Russia was allied with Serbia, leading to a declaration of war on Austria-Hungary.
  • Germany saw Russia mobilizing, and declared war on Russia, for Austria-Hungary.
  • France was allied to Russia so they attacked Germany and Austria-Hungary.
  • Germany then attacked France pulling Britain into the war.
  • Then Japan entered the war because of there alliance to Britain.
Later, Italy and the United States would enter on the side of the Allies, and Belgium and The Ottoman Empire joined in on the side of the Central Powers.

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