Imperial German Broadcasting

January 31,1971-Our Allies the British, Neuchatel, Austro-Helvetia, Denmark, and the Netherlands have joined the war. The Belgians have pledged to the French side. January 30, 1971-War! Today war has been declared on the evil French dogs! Premier Erwin Rommel declares general mobilisation.

January 28, 1971-German Soldiers are shot in the Alsace-Lorraine DMZ. The Deaths come up to 7 in all. The Suspects are Pro-French Rebels or French. The Names of Dead Soldiers are not released at this time.

Liberté ou la Mort!

January 31-War has been declared! We order all Alsatians to pick up arms or pay the consequences!

January 29-Yesterday we killed 7 germans b@$#&*)s.

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