Spanish-Americas War


World War

Great War

June 28th 1914


February 2nd 1919


North America, Europe


CSA cedes Cuba and Porto Rico to USA. USA gains a colonial empire.


Austria-Hungary, Germany, CSA, Ottoman Empire

France, Russia, Britain, USA, Italy

Casualties and Losses



Great Rapprochement
The Mexican-American War
The War of Secession
The Spanish-Americas War
The Great War
The Texan-Mexican War
The World War
The Eerie Peace
The War of Steel

With the death of Franz-Ferdinand of Austria, the complex web of alliances of Europe began unraveling into factions that quickly polarized into two world alliances pitted against one another.

Siding with Austro-Hungary were Germany, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire. The souring of Confederate relations with Britain had lead it into the arms of the Central Powers.

The Entente grew gradually to encompass France, Portugal, Great Britain, and by extension the Kingdom of Canada. Italy eventually joined on the side of the Entente, notwithstanding its treaties with Germany and Austria-Hungary. The USA joined to counterbalance the effect of the Confederates siding with the Central Powers.

The war was bloody, if not the bloodiest in human history, with the infrastructure on both continents disastrously weakened.


European War

On the 28 June 1914, Gavrilo Princip, a Bosnian Serb student, killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, in Sarajevo. Princip was a member of the Black Hand, a group whose aims included the unification of the South Slavs and independence from Austria-Hungary. The assassination in Sarajevo set into motion a series of fast-moving events that eventually escalated into full-scale war. Austria-Hungary demanded action by Serbia to punish those responsible, and when Austria-Hungary deemed Serbia had not complied, declared war. Major European powers were at war within weeks because of overlapping agreements for collective defense and the complex nature of international alliances. Although the war began with fast paced cavalry charges and the like it wasn't long before the war degenerated into trench warfare. Victory in Europe was only obtained thanks to the overpowering effect of the Royal Navy on Germany who began to collapse under the loss of commodity products.

American War

The USA and CSA swiftly degenerated into trench warfare in a sombre comparison to the European War. Texas advanced southwards into Mexico. California remained neutral during the war, though it did send supplies to all sides, bringing a great profit for that nation.


Aftermath of European War

In 1918, the Germans launched a massive offensive, and they reached Paris. Forcing a surrender of the Northern French they didn't count on the Southern French forming a provisional government. Within a few months the Germans had unconditionally surrendered. Germany was stripped of many of territories in the East. Alsace-Lorraine was returned to the French and reparations had to be paid to Britain and France. Germany's colonial empire is confiscated and given to the Americans. Russia collapsed in civil war, emerging as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The Ottoman Empire was also dismantled as well as Austria-Hungary.

Aftermath of American War

After the defeat of Germany the Entente turned to America. French and British soldiers marshalled in Canada then travelled to America where their expertise and numbers overwhelmed the Confederates. They made an unconditional surrender, ceding the territories of Cuba and Porto Rico to the USA, as well as being forced to limit their armouries. The former colonies of Germany now subsumed into the USA become territories.