SPA Hostage Crisis
Terran Destruction Issue


Earthian Defense Wars

Great Galactic War

October 4, 1971




Milky Way Galaxy




The Allies
Dravimos Flag Dravimosian Empire
Regen FlagRegenetech Empire
Azanarian Empire

Terran Empire


Byslank III
Dravimosian Emperor
Azanarian Emperor
Caborr Purple Consul

ISC Emperor?
Democrist Leader?


Good Sized Navy and Weaponry

Good Sized Navy and Weaponry

Casualties and Losses



The Great Galactic War is a war between the Terran Empire and its allies against the Triple Alliance of the Dravimosian, Regenetech, and Azanarian Empires. It started with the Dravimos declaration of war on the Terrans on October 4, 1970 and is ongoing. The Democrists joined the Terrans, while the Caborreans helped the Alliance.

French Destruction Conflict

The First French Crisis occurred when the Terran Empire destroyed the French cities of Paris and Marseille. This hostility was carried out because the Empire wanted to prove that they were willing to kill humans, which was undisputed because they had committed genocide against several other species.

Hostage Crisis

In 1970, the Imperial Salaamberian Company held the delegates to the SPA hostage because other Empires were thinking of contacting Earthians. This was occurring on Sedna (Jnudeelq, Sergei-VX-911)

The Dravimos and Regenetech were immediately ready to save the delegates (Some delegates were on their ships in orbit). The Dravimos sent a Crixus team to rescue them in early September, although only the Dravimosian/Xeraji delegates made it out, while the the others were killed, and the Regenetech quickly left.

The Hostage Crisis was over, but now the Alliance was looking out for the ISC.

Destruction of Chicago

The Terran Empire destroyed Chicago while the Hostage Crisis was taking place. The Terrans destroyed Chicago and threw the Americans into chaos.

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