The year is 1990, Nintendo and Sega are locked in competition. However Atari and Sony are developing a 64 bit disc based console named the Jaguar, It is shown at '90 CES to huge success. Nintendo in '91 releases the SNES and at '91 CES says, "We don't need 64 bits, we have games, something Atari and Sony aren't going to have." Sega even puts commercials out saying It'll never be ready. However much to Nintendo and Sega's dismay the Jaguar is released around the world on February, 4, 1994 for $250 with launch titles such as Mortal Kombat 2, Zool, Fifa world cup '94, and Madden '95, and Street Fighter 2 turbo. It sells 1 million units by the end 1994. This causes Sega and Nintendo to panic thus Sega and Nintendo team up and begin development on a 128 bit 3D DVD based console. So at E3 1996 Sega and Nintendo announce the UltraDream128 saying, "The first online, DVD based console for only $450" the UltraDream gets released on December, 8, 1997. Although by then it's to late the Jaguar sold 80 million units worldwide. And due to the fact that the Jaguar costed 300 dollars less than the UltraDream and the fact that developers such as EA,WB interactive, Midway, and Paradox interactive thought the technology was way to hard to code. it had less launch games. The loss is so bad that Sega in 2003 announces its leave from console making, saying "Sega is going software only, but making games for UltraDream,PC,and Linux is what we'll do" But too little to late as in 2002 the Linux based Jaguar 2 is released along with Sony buying Ericson and 25% of Atari and Infograms. Jaguar 2 won thus Nintendo began making games in 2010. However with Steam and PC gaming rising Sony released Jaguar 3 in 2013, it doesn't use linux instead using JagOS. In 2016 the Jaguar 3 is expected to have a new model with no physical media.

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