The Spread, July-August 2010 (The Living Dead)

-July 2010
The Great Spread:
July-August 2010
Fall of America:
September-October 2010

The 2010 Attack at the DIA

On July 1st, 2010 at 3:15 PM, a terrorist group known as the "Sons of Prosperity" attacked Denver International Airport in Denver, Colorado using a biological weapon filled with an unknown virus. The weapon was actually a capsule operating much like an air freshener device, releasing an unknown deadly virus (later deemed Z1) throughout the airport. Security was completely unaware of the attack until dozens of people started to experience severe pain and their inner body temperature sank dangerously low. Paramedics were called in to DIA and evacuated the 37 people that had fainted to the Colorado University Hospital to be treated. The Airport was put under quarantine, and a full SWAT team was stationed as a guard. Immediately, all air transport was cancelled across the US, and the National Guard was put on alert. President Barack Obama quickly put together a speech announcing that the US would find the attackers and would show them the "might of the American will and people".

Reanimation of Victim 1

At approximately 9:00 AM on July 2nd, 2010, the first victim of Z1 reanimated after being "dead" for an hour and a half. His name was Mark Schultz, and he had been a college student on a trip to Chicago, Illinois. The doctors had taken the last details concerning death and had unhooked the machines that desperately tried to keep him alive. Suddenly, "He sat up and emitted a low moan that pierced the ears, as if the sound of fear itself. He then promptly bit the two doctors and five of the nurses in the room with astonishing speed. I was the only one saved from being bitten, for we didn't know about the coming death during that time," states Mary Higgens, a nurse at the hospital, and one of the lucky survivors of the Great Zombie War. the other 36 victims also reanimated, and promptly bit the nurses and doctors tending to them. They all seemed to only act on instinct, and could not be persuaded to stop trying to get to the doctors. The survivors reported the "victims" trying to break through doors and throwing themselves against walls in an attempt to get to other people. The Denver Police were notified and over 60 police were sent to the scene of the calamity, sealing off the perimeter. Unknown to them, the doctors and nurses that were bitten were able to escape in the mass evacuation, for at that time, they did not know the significance of the bites. Approximately 175 patients that were either in a coma or were unable to escape were left to the Zombies, and they were all - without exception - bitten and "died".

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