Revolution in Britain

1915 - Vladimir Lenin a 19 year old boy in the Russian army deserts after killing three of his comrades in a feud during a battle in the First World War. He sneaks onboard a ship bound for the English east coast, he arrives and three months later gets involved with public speeches and attracts the attention of young men and women.

1916 - At just 20 years of age Lenin has created his own party, the Soviet Socialists of Britain (SSB). Lenin believes that this country is more powerful than any other nation but it is being weakened by corrupted politcans, old age generals and weak citizens. He told the people of the British Empire to stand up to them for what's right not wrong for what we want not them. Young men and women were beginnig to see what he saw.

1917 - April 22nd 1917 millions of workers stormed the capital of Britain with Lenin leading them. Buckingham Palace was attacked by hundreds of people and so, too, was the parliament building. The king and queen were executed and leading parliament members were removed. Because Lenin was now in command of the country he told the generals of the British army to bring our soldiers home and one by one British divisions were pulled off the western front.

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