The Great Scythio-Seleucid Empire (156-211 A.D.) reigned over all of the Mediterranean, Mesopotamian, Indus, Germanic, and Celtic cultures in its best years. Founded by Andriy Kohistani, a fearsome Scythian general who brought great civilizations to their knees with superb tactics.

His first great victory was over the Hittites, a Turkish people. Andriy massacred the Anatolian civilians after creating a formidable nomad army.

The next few decades are little known of, for when Andriy destroyed his opponents, he destroyed their literature and sense of history, and for a period of thirty or so years, Europe ans Asia Minor was all part of the Scythio-Seleucid Empire, an illiterate, war-like empire which eventually fell from internal rebellions and civil wars. Andriy was killed in a second attempt to seize the British Isles by a Pictish raiding party. The Scythians fled in disorder to the European mainland where a Celtic army, on the march encountered their despised enemy, the Scythians, alone and helpless. The Celtic army massacred the remaining Scythians, and so began the first Celtic Rebellion.

From there, the empire's power declined until the last of the true Scythian warriors, led by Andriy's son, Olek, was cornered by the rebellious Europeans in what is today the Alps. The battle later named, The Battle for Europa. Olek's men fought hard, but were finally destroyed by a Gallic Horse charge.

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