Henry A Wallace

33rd President of the United States Henry Wallace, May 10th 1945-January 20th 1949

Historically President Franklin Roosevelt, at the bidding of the Democratic Party replaced Wallace with Truman as his running mate in the middle of the 1944 Campaign Season.

But what if he had stuck by his old friend?

Here is an attempt to look at a world where Roosevelt and Wallace run together a second time in 1944 . Despite public opposition from the conservative wing of the party and inside complaints from the rest, Roosevelt barely wins his fourth run with 51% of the popular vote. Republican Thomas Dewy comes in a second at 46%, southern Senator Strom Thurmond wins two percent of vote and the states of South Carolina and Alabama. While the communists endorse the Democratic Race Roosevelt refuses to acknowldge it at the discretion of Wallace.

From then on the last months of Roosevelt’s life are parallel to our time with the exception of his life span. In this timeline Roosevelt lives on for another four weeks, he dies on 7 o' clock in the evening on May 10th, two days after the surrender of Germany. He was 63.

Wallace was sworn in a few hours later at midnight, the United States will wake the next day to morning and to the most left wing president in American History.


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