It all began when Iraq invaded Kuwait. At the time the U.S people where still in the Vietnam syndrome so the U.S stayed out. In 1992 with their new oil money they build up their army. 1993 they attacked Saudi Arabia oil and ports city. The US Intervene with Airstrikes and a ground invasion. The airstrikes didn't do that much when with their new A.A guns nor did the the Ground Invasion because of Iraq's new weaponry. When the body bags started to rise and a growing anger at the war the U.S pulled out. Iraq then invaded Iran next taking their oil fields with heavy losses. Saddam then renamed Iraq the Great Iraqi Empire or (G.I.E) for some. Then G.I.E moved into Jordan for more land. Then the Arab spring happen with Iraq falling into it. By 2010 Iraq is seeing mass protest. Saddam quickly dealt with them. Then and Arm struggle began in the Shia part of G.I.E. Then Sunni groups in the Jordan and Saudi parts then some in the Anbar Area. With Syria also falling into the Arab spring with groups like the Free Iraqi Army (FIA) and more. The civil war would be like Syria's Civil War.

Real iraq 1

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