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Kaiser Wilhelm The Great

This timeline will explore a victorious Imperial Germany after World War One, major pull throughs at Ypres (1915) and Verdun (1916) would eventually spark the collapse of the Allied war effort in the Western Front, leading to the capture of Paris in 1917. With victory in Europe Germany begins to annex lands from Belgium, France, Britain and Russia. Germany begins to form the largest army in the world and with its thirst for expansion will lead it to straight into another global war and beyond.....

Victory at Ypres (1915)

In 1915 the Imperial army of Germany won a massive victory against the Western powers due to the introduction of deadly nerve gas in Belgium, swiftly killing huge numbers of enemy troops. Soldiers lay dead everywhere while German troops simply walked over the dead, advancing and officially occupying the last coastal city and strategic defence in the Kingdom of Belgium, and so a second front in France was created by the German forces invading further into the North.

The Battle of Verdun (1916)

The German High Command's main objective was to now bleed France white, in other words kill as many Frenchmen as possible. The result of six long weeks of intense fighting by between the German Imperial Army and the French army was a total French defeat with its death's exceeding to 3000, 000 losing psychological now destroyed France as well as its manpower. Germany occupied Verdun and France was now almost completely occupied by Germany.

Surrender of Paris (1917)

With the disaster at Verdun resulting in the death of thousands of millions of French troops and the defeat at the Somme holding up further against Germany now seemed very unlikely. The German vanguard approached Paris in January and the armed forces of the Allies surrendered, British troops began to withdrawal.

Treaty of Brussels

The treaty of Brussels named Germany the victor of the Great War, the terms were extremely harsh forcing France to hand over most of its North to Germany, Belgium became the "Imperial Province of Belgium". All Belgian colonies were taken as well as French Algeria and Morocco. Germany could now begin to focus on building an aboard empire.

Russian civil war

The Imperial German army decided to take advantage of the ongoing crisis in the Russian Empire, and quickly sent in troops into the Ukraine and seizing Kiev, installing a puppet King. Most Ukrainian citizen were happy with this finally being free from Russian rule. The Imperial Kingdom of Ukraine was established, along with the Royal Kingdom of Poland. Their was very little the Russians could do at that point but watch as Germany carve up land for itself.

South America

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