The Great Founder
Kangee Mapiya
Timeline: Great Empires

Great Founder Kangee Mapiya
Modern image of The Great Founder

Grand Chief of the Native Americans
1660 – 1675

Predecessor None
Successor Degotoga
Born 1638
Northern Great Plains
Died 1675
Spouse Shideezhi
Father Mahkah
Mother Kimimela
Issue Sayen
Religion Native American beliefs
“I'd rather die free than live in chains.”
~ The Great Founder
 The Great Founder was the founder and unifier of the Native American Federation .


The Great Founder's personal name was Kangee Mapiya (Sioux for "Raven of the Sky"). Native Americans consider it disrespectful to refer to him with his personal name, he is almost always referred to as "The Great Founder" or "The Great One".


Early life

The Great Founder was born as Kangee Mapiya, son of Mahkah and Kimimela, two Sioux nomads, somewhere in the Northern Great Plains. He travelled together with his tribe in the Great Plains. As a boy, he was friendly and smart and was adored by the entire tribe. He had many friends, including Degotoga (who would later become one of his generals) and Shideezhi (his future wife). As a young man he learned to hunt and fight and how to survive in the wild. At the age of 16, the marriageable age in his society, he married Shideezhi.

Chieftain of the his tribe

In 1656, Kangee's father died, from then on he took care of his mother and siblings. A few months later, the chieftain of his local tribe died, leaving the position vacant. Kangee proclaimed himself the new chieftain, to which nobody objected, knowing that he would be a good leader for the tribe. In 1658 the different factions of the Sioux came together, with each of their leaders trying to be elected the representative of the entire Sioux. Kangee was elected representative of the Sioux unanimously, representing his nation at the yearly Conference of the Natives.

Foundation of the Federation

By 1660 the Europeans had occupied a large part of North America, which concerned the Natives. The Europeans continued to pillage and conquer their lands, forcing them to defend their territory. Kangee Mapiya was the first to ever propose a unified Native American nation, to which the tribes were initially skeptical of, but later agreed with. In the same year 10 of the Native tribes: Sioux, Cherokee, Iroquois, Mississippian, Apache, Navajo, Creek, Choctaw, Seminole and the Chickasaw agreed to become one in order to fight the Europeans. Kangee was once again unanimously elected, to the position of first Grand Chief of the Native Americans.

War with Europe an Death

Europe was determined to conquer all of North America, believing is was theirs. The entire population of the Native Americans in North America was estimated to be 20 million, with 12 million living within the borders of the federation, this meant the Natives outnumbered the European by 20 to one. Nevertheless, the Europeans were winning at the beginning of the war. The Natives began to use thought-out strategies instead of always using frontal attack, which proved in their favor. The Europeans realized they were losing the war, despite of their superior weaponry, so they planned a surprise attack on Cahokia, the capital of the Federation and the largest city in North America. The Natives were surprised and panicked, but their leader, Kangee convinced them to fight against the enemy. It was a fierce and long battle, but ultimately the Natives emerged victorious. But with great victory came great sacrifice, at the end of the battle, while celebrating, Kangee was mortally wound by an English soldier who shot him in the back. The second highest ranking leader, Degotoga assumed leadership over the Federation and promised to avenge the death of his friend. He fulfilled this promise by capturing New York City and proving the Europeans that the Native Americans were not to be messed with.


The Great Founder is universally accepted by all Native Americans as the Father of their nation, the one who united them and defeated the European invaders. He is considered a national hero and his story is often glorified in schools and tales. His legacy goes on in the hearts of his people, he died protecting them and will protect them forever. His birthday February 29 is a national holiday.


  • The Great Founder learned to speak all the ten languages of the Federation.