In 1932, a large migration of Emus swept through Australia. Devouring crops and terrorizing farmers, these flightless birds numbered in the 20,000's. In an attempt to exterminate this enormous flock of birds, the Australians deployed their army to take out the Emus with machine guns. The noise scared the emus into running away, never to be seen again. Other emus attacked the Australians. In the end, the campaign was ineffective, the emus vanished, and it was discovered that emus can take a bullet surprisingly well.

But what if the emu returned? What if they returned to their original strength to occupy their intended territory and seek revenge on Australia?*

*This is a fictional account of a war hypothesized by a team of professionals hired by the History Channel. This is not a real emergency.


The point of divergence occurred in 1932, following the First Emu War. In our universe, the emu horde never recovered. They licked, or pecked, their wounds clean and were never seen again. In this universe, however, the emus returned to their original grounds and began terrorizing farmers again. Destroying crops and kidnapping farmers' daughters, the emus began a reign of terror in Australia that led to another armed response by the Australian military.

Documentary Script

Scene 1

Duration- 5:00

Visual Audio
Opening shot of a busy Sydney Street Introduction music
Sydney Opera House Narrator: Australia is home to a vast array of culture an excitement
Overhead shot of Sydney NA: From the busy streets of metropolitan Sydney...
The Australian Outback NA: the untamed Australian Outback
Funnel-web spider building a web NA: Australia is home to the largest array of poisonous spiders and snakes
Coastal taipan snake in the sun NA: The coastal taipan snake, for example, is the most venomous snake in the world
Coastal taipan snake striking NA: One drop of venom is enough to kill a man twenty times over.
Trapdoor spider NA: The trapdoor spider builds a mound in sand in order to wait for prey and strike unseen
Box jellyfish shot 1 NA: The waters of Australia are no safer. The box jellyfish stalks the oceans near Australia
Box jellyfish shot 2 NA: Reaching up to three meters, these jellyfish are capable of delivering death within minutes
Shots of kangaroos, koalas and wallabys NA: From the iconic...
Shots of bull sharks and tiger snakes NA: the vicious...
Sugar glider gliding NA: the captivating, Australia's fauna is among the most diverse and interesting in the entire world
Shots of Australian suburbia NA: Few Australians, however, know of the conflicts between fauna and mankind. Few know how close Australia came to losing these deadly conflicts
Jeep traveling through Outback NA: To set the score straight, archaeologist James Russels is traveling to the site of a deadly battle in Champion, Western Australia.
Tires pull up to camera. JR steps out of Jeep. Tire sounds. Door opens. Single footstep.
JR looks at Outback through sunglasses Faint didgeridoo music plays
Crane shot of the Outback JR: To think that it was here, eighty-two years ago, blows my mind
JR speaking JR: I'm standing on a battlefield in one of the most critical battles of Australian history
Idle snake JR: This land is quite forbidding. To think that they lived here was ... *laughs*
JR speaking JR: It says something about how tough these guys really are.
Shots of rocks Foreboding audio plays
Female archaeologist dusting something off Faint didgeridoo music plays
Artifact uncovered by archaeologist Music continues
Closer dusting of the artifact reveals it to be a skull. Music continues
Examination of the skull Archaeologist: The skull is in excellent shape, given the trauma this man suffered.
Zoom in on shattered forehead and beak mark A: Finding a human body out here intact is rare, especially one that died of a blow to the head.
Skull shot ends in a flash of light before cutting away to various relics Whooshing sound. Military music track 1 plays
Bullet in museum Music continues
Knife and patch Music continues
Machine gun NA: Many believed the enemy of the Australians to be simple...
Emu egg NA: ... harmlesss ...
Mural of Emu mercilessly attacking a man

NA: How wrong they were ...

Scene 2

Duration: 3:00

Visual Audio
Rotating view of an emu in computer simulation Cool-sounding high-tech beeping noises play as if the bird is being scanned.
Emu continues rotating NA: The emu. A flightless bird native to Australia, the emu can reach a towering 1.9 meters.
Frontal view of Emu NA: When agitated, the emu can deal a vicious amount of damage.
Emu hissing and striking with feet NA: Their sharp claws can reach up to 15 centimeters. Capable of disembowling a man, the claws of an emu are among the sharpest of the avian class.
Emu running NA: The emu is incredibly fast as well. A single stride can propel an emu for over nine feet. Their legs are among the most powerful in the animal kingdom, capable of destroying metal wire fencing used to keep them contained.
Emu eyes NA: The eyes of an emu can easily discern a target from far away, as can its ears.
Emu vocalizing NA: The terrifying sounds of an emu can be heard from up to two km away. Consisting of hisses, booms and grunts, their vocalizations can strike fear into enemy eyes.
Emu continues rotating Beeping sounds continue.
Emu continues rotating JR: The emus have terrorized Australia for some time now.
JR in the Outback JR: They've terrorized animals and they've terrorized humans. If Australia contains the most dangerous animals in the world.
JR (zoomed in) JR: I think it's clear who the apex predator is here.
Emu family in the distance JR: And it sure isn't us.

Scene 3

Visual Audio
Fade-in to Emu head. Eyes stare at camera. Generic, ominous zooming sound 1
Emu staring into the distance NA: Our existence as the apex predator on Earth is much more fragile than we'd like to think.
Various shots of the human skull Ominous sounds
Crane-shot of skull NA: Never has it been more threatened than during the Great Emu War
Various pictures from the Great Emu War Men shouting. Emus emitting battle cries
Flash-out. Reveal shot of Australia. Cool wooshing sounds as we fly into the airless vacuum of space
A red wave sweeps over Australia NA: This war for Australia cost hundreds of thousands of lives. As the Emu forces, in rebellion against humanity, swept across the nation, they wreaked havoc on the towns and cities. Sepia filter to indicate that we're in the past now.
Historical recreation of Emus entering a city by force Emus crying out. Machine-gun fire. Women screaming
Emus storm a street. A man is pecked to death in the background. Sepia filter to indicate that we're in the past now. Battle sounds
Emus charge for an Australian soldier. Blood and feathers fly as the bird ignores being shot by this man Machine-gun fire. Terrifying Emu screech
Soldier is pecked to death. Emu emits a victory squak. Victory squaking
Soldiers look on as their fallen comrade is pecked to death JR: The Great Emu War was... probably one of the most devastating wars in mankind's history.

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