Austrian Conquest of Serbia




Russian Civil War

The Great Eastern War

November 24th, 1915


May 16th, 1916


Western Russia


German-Austrian Victory

Major battles:

Battle of Kiev, Battle of Warsaw


Austria-Hungary, Germany



Erich Luderndorff

Paul von Rennenkampf




Casualties and Losses


nearly 1,000,000

The Great Eastern war was a conflict between Austria-Hungary and Germany VS. Russia. it is one of the most deadly wars of all time, with casualties of well over a million. The Russians took many more casualties, at nearly one million, while Austria-Hungary and Germany Escaped with only 150,000.

The War was started When Russia declared war on Austria-Hungary, due to fear about the nation massing troops on the Romanian border. In response, the Germans declared war on Russia, and the war that started the Russian civil war began.


On of the main causes of the Great Eastern War was Both Russia and Austria-Hungary not liking the treaty of Munich. The Austrians Were angry at the idea of not expanding, while the Russians Hated that the Austrians taking Serbia through force, or any method at all really. So when the Austrians lined up troops on the Romanian border, regardless of their intentions, war was more or less inevitable.


Fighting in this war broke out on November 24th, 1915, when Russia declared war on Austria-Hungary. the initial Russian assault was easily fought back, and within two weeks, German and Austrian Forces are on the offense. At first, the offense is relatively slow, with high casualties. But despite this, by December 15th, the Germans reach Warsaw, and attack. The battle of Warsaw would prove to be a tipping point in the war, with the Russians taking heavy casualties. After that, both the Austrians and the Germans start making huge gains.

The next major battle was the Battle of Kiev. Starting on February 18th, 1916, it was a long and grueling battle, resulting in nearly 100,000 casualties for the Austrians and at least 400,000 for the Russians. It is one of the deadliest battles of all time, with an estimated 60% or more of the casualties were fatality's. This battle would cause the near destruction of the city, and last until the end of the war. In addition, the Germans continued to fight until peace was made, causing many more Russian casualties.

Peace terms

Peace was made separately between Russia and Germany And between Austria-Hungary and Russia. The first happened on May 10th, while the latter nation made peace on may 16th. In the treaties, Russia was forced to give up much of their territory. Germany claimed, and received, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, as well as part of Belarus. meanwhile, Austria-Hungary was ale to claim part of Ukraine, and much to the dismay of the Russians, Crimea. As the German and Austrian Forces consolidated power over their new territory, the rest of Russia was left to fall into civil war.

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