The Grand Breakaway is an alternate South Asian series of Indian, Bengali, Afghan, and Pakistani and Sri Lankan States, etc.

It's where in 1947, when India, and other South Asian states were free from Britain's rule, Millions of riots intervened. The Muslims wanted separate states, So were the Hindus, So they made states and more. Afghanistan was gonna be invaded by Balouchistan if it wanted the rest of its lands, other nations follow, Afghanistan is completely divided by the Pakistani states. The Indian States were very poor, yet some were rich, they had small amounts in their armies. Yet, Rajasthan was one of the biggest, that actually wanted to form a union, called: The United South Asian States of India. Many nations disagreed with this, wanting to be their own country. The Sikhs planned an attack on the Punjab to make the Sikh Kingdom. Many nations decide to work together as their own groups to stop others.

1948 Events

Many nations are aggressive at the Sikhs and also some even unite, Gandhi lives for some more years, but is dead due to him going to a unknown area near the Bengal Bay, some investigate and figure out it was in western Burma, he was killed by a Bengali nation list.

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