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The Good Son novels are a series of books written by bestselling authors Ben Corrin and Elijah Lane, which continue the story of the 1992 film The Good Son. The main trilogy follows teenage Mark Evans as he battles his cousin Henry's vengeful spirit after his father is killed in an airplane crash outside of Fredericton, Maine, a crash willfully orchestrated by Henry to bring even greater loss into Mark's life. A second series, conceived by Elijah Lane with Another Way, posits a timeline where Henry is born with emotions, and is not a sociopath. As a result, his younger brother Richard is still alive, and Mark's visit in 1993 has him and Henry joining forces to rescue Richard from kidnappers. Corrin and Lane also collaborated to write the recently published Spin 180, which served as a kind of 'dry run' for Lane's upcoming series.

The Vengeance Trilogy

The Good Son: No Fair (1994)

The first in the so-called 'Vengeance Trilogy', No Fair takes place two years after the film (c. 1995) as now-fourteen year-old Mark Evans and his father Jack are flying to Nova Scotia for a father-and-son vacation near Cape Breton. En-route, their plane, Eastern Air Lines Flight 514, inexplicably loses control and crashes in a field fifty-seven miles outside Fredericton, Maine. With over a hundred killed – including his father – Mark becomes the sole survivor of the crash and flees into the nearby forest in a daze. Far from the nearest town, the boy is left on his own and finds himself being trailed by an unknown person. But Mark soon realizes that something is eerily familiar...

The Good Son: Imperfect One (1996)

Now under Susan and Wallace's protection, Mark struggles to adapt to his new surroundings following the loss of his father Jack. Also suffering from near-constant nightmares, Mark begins making regular visits to Alice Davenport, and with her help, he remembers something he was never supposed to: the secret to Henry's true nature. With the help of his new family, Mark pieces together a story of terror that began over two years ago, the very day Henry died. But, this story is still happening. With Henry's ominous warning now coming to pass in the form of a sudden winter storm, coupled with strange 'accidents' that claim the populace of Rock Harbor County one after the other, Mark begins a desperate race against time to convince Rock Harbor's citizens to stand up and fight the spirit they once knew as Henry Evans...

The Good Son: Time to Live (1998)

  • Upcoming; to be released spring, 1998.

One of several of Corrin's upcoming novels, Time to Live is set to be the conclusion of the so-called 'Vengeance Trilogy' as Mark Evans comes to terms with the destruction his cousin has wrought upon Rock Harbor even as Henry fully regains human form, to destroy the last of the Evans family, forcing Mark to overcome his worst fears and take on Henry face-to-face. But he quickly discovers that everything is wrong about what he has come to believe about his cousin...

'Control' series

Another Way (2000)

  • Planned for release fall, 2000.

Another Way posits a timeline where Henry is born with emotions, and is not a sociopath. As a result, his younger brother Richard is still alive. And after Mark spends a few relatively uneventful days in Rock Harbor, Richard is abducted and held for ransom. Even with the FBI on the case, Mark and Henry worry that time may be running out, and set off through the Maine wilderness to find Richard on their own, in an incredible show of bravery that will truly test the boys' limits.

Evans, Richard (2004)

  • Planned for possible release in late 2004.

'Spin 180' series

Spin 180 (1997)

In a twist of fate, Spin 180 gives an alternate account of the film, with Henry having been born with true emotion (as a result, Richard is still alive and well) and Mark succumbing to uncontrolled emotions after his mother's death and his father's seeming abandonment of him. Mark soon suffers a psychotic break and gives in to his jealousy and rage over the close-knit family that Henry possesses, and tells him that if he isn't accepted into that family within a week, they'll have only twenty-four hours to live. Cowed by fear of his cousin, Henry pressures his parents to accept Mark into the family, but Mark has a terrifyingly ulterior motive in mind...


TGS: The 24 Cycle (1993)

A graphic novel that takes place the day Mark and Jack return to Maine – a year following Henry's death – and helps as a lead-in to No Fair.

The Good Son: The Final Words

Mark Evans imagines what would have happened if instead of the cliff fight occurring, Henry had been placed in a psychiatric hospital in Falmouth by his parents Susan and Wallace, and escaped several years later, to terrorize his family and Mark. The novel is being largely fan-written, albeit with assistance and advice from Ben Corrin; a release date is not yet forthcoming.


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