The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle (GC) is a political union of nations and colonies (of the British Empire and Spanish Empire) that was especially created to protect the system of slavery and to expand its uses from plantations to all sectors of economy. It is centred on the Caribbean and has the fastest growing economies in the world. Although it is a political union, it is modeled after the East India Company in governance and business. The GC is also a joint-stock company mainly owned by plantation owners, slave dealers and wealthy dynasties. Those who own stock in the GC are members of a secret society called the Knights of the Golden Circle, known for their powerful lobbying power and financing filibusters. Due to a large majority of stock holders being from the Confederate States of America, the GC has heavy C.S. influence and is widely regarded as a puppet to the whims of the C.S. government.

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