The Giver of Life is a 1993 adventure movie directed by Steven Spielberg and written by George Lucas, and the fourth movie in the Daniel Flynn franchise. Starring Mitt Romney, Johnny Depp, Laura Bush, Robert de Niro, and Carlos Salinas de Gortari, the film focuses on Daniel Flynn searching for the Fountain of Youth.


In 1944, Daniel Flynn (Romney) navigates a Cuban temple, and discovers a mask belonging to Juan Ponce de Leon. He is cornered by Cuban agent Diego Marco (de Gortari), but escapes with the mask to Miami. There, he is briefed by the FBI, and Flynn figures out the mask is hidden with half of the map. Flynn believes the other half belongs to the descendant of de Leon. He heads to Mexico to look for the descendant with the help of Army sergeant Kurt Jackson (Depp).

There, they are attacked Marco's forces again, but escape. Following coordinates on the map, they locate the descendant to a mansion in Mexico City. There, she reveals her name to be Mary West (Bush), but has no idea where the map is. Searching her house, they find a secret tunnel leading to under her house. At the end they find the other side of the map. Marco then attacks the mansion, but Flynn finds an escape route to the surface. The three escape via motorcycle, and get to an airport. The plane is hijacked by Marco, and crash lands in Cuba, where it is surrounded by Cuban soldiers. Flynn is captured and brought to Italian agent Dominico Greco (de Niro), who is leading the Cubans. Greco tells them he wishes to use the Fountain to make the Italian army immortal and turn the tide of the war.

Greco forces Flynn to aid them, and he locates the map to inner Florida. They travel their by ship, but are attacked by the US Navy Greco's navy defeats them, and they make it to Florida. While travelling in the Everglades, the three take control of a motorboat and battle the Cubans. Flynn takes the map, and escapes, narrowly avoided being eaten by crocodiles. Travelling through the swamps, they make it to Fountain, but are stopped by Marco and Greco. They find de Leon's body dead, puzzling the group.

Jackson manages to signal the US Army, which attacks the Cubans. During the battle Flynn drowns Marco in the Fountain, and it collapses. Underground, they find the true Fountain of Youth. Greco drinks from it, becoming immortal. During the battle, the ground collapses, and the three escape. Greco, however, is trapped underground and doomed for eternity.

Back in Miami, Jackson is promoted and West's mansion is restored. Flynn is asked what happened at the Fountain, Flynn denies there being one, having realized the whoever finds will use it for evil. Flynn then walks away from the base. The FBI agents wring his jacket, which was soaked with water from the Fountain.


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