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Admiral Raeder, now head of the Third Reich, immediately sends out peace feelers to Winston Churchill and the British, hoping to do his best to end the war. He knows that generous peace terms are to be called for: Poland, minus the area's that were formerly part of the German Empire and the area given to Soviet Russia, would be re-established as an independent state. (albeit "heavily influenced" by Germany) France, minus Alsace-Lorraine, would be re-established as well, as well as Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Denmark. Raeder also decides that, minus the Sudetenland, the Czech's would also be given their freedom. However, Austria would remain in the Reich (though he hinted that this would be negotiable to the British), and the Treaty of Versailles be "destroyed forever."

Grand Admiral Raeder announces to the German people, and the world, that he does not wish to continue the war, having been dragged in by Hitler. All he asks for, in return, is that the land that was formerly German, and still populated by German speaking people's, be allowed to be reunited with "their brothers and fellow people."

Churchill, only a few months as Prime Minister, is adamant that the proposal still be refused, and only a Germany that returns to its borders from before the rise of the Nazi Party, and agrees to follow the provisions of the Versailles Treaty, as anything less than that would mean that Germany could restart the war whenever they wanted.

Under pressure from the coalition he formed, Churchill submits the proposal to the House of Commons, and, on which he pins his entire career: if they vote for it, he would take it as a vote of non-confidence and resign.

After a week of debate, the Common's vote on the German proposal. What was the outcome?

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