The German Revolution (The 19th century wars)
Part of The Total war of the 19th century
Date 1879
Location The German States
Result Federalist victory

The German republic is formed The Communist movement crushed

Federalist rebels The kingdom of Germany Communists
Commanders and leaders
Edvard Henrik Frederic Augustus Manfred Von Richthofen
Units involved

Volksmarine division


Imperial German army

Spartacus league
550,000 130.000 12.000
Casualties and losses
100,000 wounded

12,000 Killed

200.000 Total

100.000 Wounded 100.000 killed

9.000 killed

The German revolution also known as the German civil war was a Short conflict lasting only a week it was started when the Germanic armies led a coup  d'etat against the German monarchy for leading the German States into a disastrous war with the french and americans the Federalist rebels gained a lot of public support and the war started when the rebels attacked Munich the German capital the German  loyalist were greatly outnumbered fought a bloody battle to keep control of the city but   were  soon  defeated the German monarch was   force to flee to Berlin and the rebels used  the captured land  to formed the Federal republic of Germany  meanwhile in Berlin a communist movement began led by general Manfred Von Richthofen who lost all faith in the  kingdom of Germany and attempted a coup but his army was destroyed by the larger and better trained imperial German army and he was executed for treason the newly found Federal German army marched on to Berlin where the imperial German army made a last stand but were eventually defeated and the German monarchy was exiled