The German Reich
Das Deutsche Reich (1933-1952)
Die Arischen Staat Deutschland (1952-Present)
Flag of the German Reich (1935–1945)Reichsadler der Deutsches Reich (1933–1945)
"Ode to Joy" - Ludwig Van Beethoven (1785)
"Reine Deutschen steigen über. Lange gedeihen die arische Rasse!" (German)
"Pure Germans rise above. Long thrive the Aryan race!"
The Reich Map
Territory currently under complete political, financial, and authoritative control of Das Großdeutsche Reich in red.
Capital Berlin, Großdeutschen Reich
Official Language German (Deutsch)
Population (2014) 359,532,668 (Reich Census)

The German Reich (German: Das Deutsche Reich), officially the Great Aryan State of Germany (German: Die Arischen Staat Deutschland), is a socialist totalitarian state in Europe. The full entirety of the nation is lead by the Greater German Reich, where the authoritarianism and forced labour experienced across the state are nonexistent. The nation, as of the year 2014, has near 360 million citizens (127 million within the Greater German Reich) and is the fifth largest nation on the planet by land area. The German Reich has been historically recognized as the most important player in geopolitics in the 20th century, as well as being the greatest contributor to scientific progression and infrastructure development. The German Reich is one of three of the world's superpowers, joining The United States of America and China. The German Reich holds the largest economy in the world based on GDP, and is the birthplace of the Reichsmark, a currency considered more important than the United States dollar.

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