420: A Germanic man, Tancred, has traveled across the world in search of knowledge, a thousand years before Marco Polo. He has spent his entire life searching for knowledge. He traveled through Rome, across the Silk Road into Asia, sailed down the South Asian Coastline, traveled throughout Africa, and back up through Spain and Gaul during the division of the Roman Empire. This trip lasted for 15 years, starting when he was around 15 years old. The first thing he attempted to teach his people was how to read, write, and count, using the Roman Alphabet and Arabic Numerals. While he taught them, he also spoke of the religion he had converted when he traveled through Rome the first time, Christianity. He traveled from village to village teaching and preaching to all Germanic peoples in Central Europe.

423: Tancred is married and has a son, Tancred II, near year's end.

425: Tancred's wife gives birth to another son.

427: Tancred's wife gives birth to a third son.

430: With literacy now existing in every German tribe, all tribal leaders are invited to Tancred's home village. Here is where the foundations are laid for the Germanic Empire. For Tancred received the loyalty of, and authority over, every Germanic Tribe in Central Europe. The Empire began as a loose collection of Germanic tribes, many had left to live in Roman society. Tancred became Richimir Tancred, ruler of Magna Germania. The capital city, Saxonia, was built in Northern Germany, plumbing and sewers were included. The Richimir became the sole ruler over all Germans. A new German Senate is established to give the people a voice in the government. A Parliament system is setup and a German Supreme Court is created to balance the Legislature.

431: The Richimir extends an invitation to the Norse peoples to join his empire, the Norse accept. With the Norse metalworkers, he will be able to build the weapons he devised during his travels.

432: The Richimir is now able to debut his new weapon, the gewehr, OTL gun. German soldiers are now outfitted with these weapons, along with armor similar to that of Spartan Armor, but made from steel instead of bronze. The gewehr is made with spinning grooves, intended to keep the barrel clean of powder, and unintentionally spins the conical bullet, extending the weapons range. Bullets are made with powder inside, contained with a wooden plug. Soldiers are still required to carry short blades along with their gewehr's. Along with the gewehr's, the Richimir had kanones, OTL cannons, developed. Also the Richimir has developed granates, OTL grenades. Romans have fled their failing nation. Farmers, intellects, and soldiers alike now begin to occupy every part of the German Empire. The Richimir accepts these peoples into his newborn nation, but fears that slavery may take hold. After seeing how slaves are treated in the 'civilized' world, slavery is made illegal and is punishable by death. If a slave flees a nation and makes his way to Magna Germania, that former slave is granted freedom and citizenship. Word of this spreads to the Slavs of Eastern Europe.

436: German soldiers conquer coastal Gaul and move into Britannia. Anglo-Saxons readily accept the Germans and aid them in conquering the island. Roman settlers are now subjected to German law. All Germanic peoples are now under a single ruler.

444: Tancred II marries a Gallic woman to help solidify the Empire.

445: Literacy and Christianity have spread across the Empire. The local churches are used to educate the masses. Roman missionaries are brought in to aid in this process. The Pope has tried to incorporate the German converts, but is blocked by the Richimir. The Richimir calls together religious leaders from across the Empire to organize German Christianity. The religion is established without clergy, instead each church is led by a council, with the National Spiritual Council placed in Saxonia. This has angered the Roman Catholic Pope, who is able to unite the fragmented Roman Empire to fight against the German Empire. The Roman Catholic nations join their forces together to invade Magna Germania.

446: The Roman-German War, 446-449: The Pope orders an invasion into southern Germania. With the low population, German soldiers are spread thin, but barely stand their ground thanks to the newly developed gewehrs, kanones, and granates. Roman Catholicism is banned from Germania.

Tancred II's wife gives birth to Tancred III. They go on to have three more children.

447: German soldiers are brought from across the Empire to fight against the Romans. Slavs are brought in to help fight the Romans.

448: German soldiers invade Gaul, quickly conquering with help from the natives who have been oppressed by the Romans.

449: German soldiers are able to move into Northern Italia and Northern Illyrium. This is a sign to the Romans that the Germans can hold their own. The Romans back down from their attacks and tensions cool between the Romans and Germans. Gauls are made into soldiers, both to defend the Empire and lessen the population to more easily control western lands. Eastern Slavic Tribes are incorporated into the Empire as a means to protect their people from the Romans. Serbians hear of the incorporation of their Slavic cousins and the seeds of revolt have been planted. A peace treaty is signed between the Pope and the Richimir in OTL Switzerland, the land is declared neutral territory. Scrolls of all kinds are to be sent to Germania. The knowledge is translated onto cotton scrolls and sent back to the Roman nations. Without the Germans to fight, the Roman nations return to fighting each other. The German Empire begins building itself a naval force.

450: The first library is established in Saxonia. Scrolls are placed alphabetically with letters written on the back of the scrolls pertaining to the subject.

451: Serbian provinces revolt in both the Western and Eastern Roman Empires. The Serbs beg for inclusion into the German Empire. The Richimir accepts the Serbs and sends German soldiers to secure the nation. Without wanting to break the ceasefire, the Roman nations ignore the German incorporation of Serbia and continue to fight each other. The Richimir charged soldiers of the Eastern Empire to cross the Serbian lands to fight the Western Romans. The first university is established in Saxonia.

453: The Kriesen, OTL Revolver, is invented. Soldiers are required to carry two each.

455: With a weakened Roman society, Gallic soldiers are ordered to invade Hispania. The Western Roman Empire has fallen and the Eastern Roman Empire has become the Byzantine Empire. The first compass is invented.

461: Richimir Tancred dies at the age of 71. He is succeeded by his son, Richimir Tancred II, age 38.

468: Tancred III marries a Serbian woman to help solidify relations with the Slavs.

470: Odomir is born to Tancred III and his Serbian wife. The couple ends up having two more children.

492: Richimir Tancred II dies at the age of 69. Richimir Tancred III takes power at the age of 48. Odomir marries an Anglo-Saxon woman to help gain control of the Anglo Islands.

493: Richimir Tancred III orders German troops to move northward through Scandinavia, the Balkans, and eastward into Kievan Rus lands with Slavic troops. Anglo troops invade Ireland and Iceland. Gallic and Hispanic troops move into the Italian Peninsula. The Byzantines leave the peninsula in order to deal with eastern invaders.

494: Odomir II is born.

It is discovered that people who are infected with cowpox seem to be able to survive an infection of smallpox.

495: The smallpox vaccine is created, needles are dipped into cowpox pus and stabbed into the recipients forearm.

496: German Christianity surpasses Roman Catholicism as Europe's greatest religion. Byzantine missionaries are forced to move southward and convert Africans. With such an emphasis placed on educating the population, the steam engine is invented.

501: The train is invented, along with the railroad. The Richimir orders that a railways be built between all major cities, so that every part of the Empire can have troops easily moved across.

502: The syringe is invented to help with administering vaccines.

516: Odomir II is married to an Italian woman.

517: Richimir Tancred III dies at 73. He is succeeded by his son Richimir Odimir at the age of 47.

518: Odomir III is born. With Rome to the south, and barbaric hordes coming from the east, the Richimir sends a ship westward, captained by Walaruna, to discover a trade route to Asia. The Walaruns, OTL Americas, are discovered three months later, the ships landed in OTL Florida, the land is named Blume. The German ships continue westward and reach the Mayan civilization. Cattle are given as a present to the Mayan people. Once the Germans leave, smallpox and cowpox spread among the Mayans. Thanks to the spread of cowpox, less than 10% of infected people die from smallpox.

519: The exploring ships return to a Gallic port with many different foods and animals.

521: Mapmakers are sent with an expeditionary force to map Blume, the Walarun Islands, and the Mayan civilization. Gewehrs, granates, and kanones are given to the Mayans. With these new weapons, the Mayans expand southward.

523: The Byzantines are in need of help from the Germans to fight off the eastern hordes. The Germans agree under the condition that the Carthaginian lands be handed over to the German Empire. Along with all soldiers from Carthage, and 10% of all other Byzantine troops. Germany than sends all of these newly acquired soldiers to the Byzantine front lines, along with a 50% complement of Slavs, Gauls and Italians. With Western Europe under German control, Switzerland is conquered by the German Empire.

The Mayans now stretch down to OTL Panama, before entering South Walarun.

525: The first steam powered steel ship is built. With the advanced weapons and transportation, German soldiers are no longer required to wear armor. All armor is scrapped to build more ships.

532: The Mayans have benefited greatly from the Germans. With the written word, weapons, and transportation, by land and sea, the Mayans stretch into OTL Northern Mexico, Baja Californian Peninsula, West Cuba, and Jamaica. 10% of the Mayan civilization has been converted to German Christianity. German soldiers are sent to build a fortress on Blume.

535: To speed up the process of removing seeds from the cotton plant, the first cotton gin is invented.

542: The Byzantine Empire is given an ultimatum. If they wish to keep German troops to defend their lands, they must place themselves under German control. It is done and sealed with a marriage between Odimir III and the daughter of the Byzantine Emperor. The Pope leaves Europe and begins a new Vatican in Ethiopia where missionaries have converted 70% of the population. From here, the Pope will expand his power over all Africans. 10% of Africans are Christian. Jews are rounded up and sent back to their homeland of Judea. The Sinai Peninsula is made a part of the Judean state because it is a part of the Jewish people's heritage.

543-544: In order to halt conversions from the Roman Catholic Church, the Richimir unites the Arab Kingdoms into an Arabian Empire, promoting German Christianity. Arabia still opens up trade relations with Ethiopia.

545: Richimir Odimir dies at 75. He is replaced by Richimir Odimir II at the age of 51. Odimir III announces that his wife has given birth to their first child. The child was named Paul, in honor of the follower of Christ and to help solidify the German control over the Romans. The Jewish Temple has been rebuilt. The Jews abandon any notion of having their own king and give their loyalty to the Germans. 40% of the population still desire a sovereign Judea. The first carbon filament bulb is invented.

547: Soldiers from the Northern Chinese Dynasty have traveled across the Silk Road to Europe in search of help from the Germans. They wish to trade weapons in order to fight off Mongolian hordes. The Richimir accompanies them with his own group of twenty soldiers so that he can see the nation for himself. Ever since he was a child he had heard the stories of his ancestor's travels and wanted to see for himself.

550: The southern tip of Blume is a German colony. The colonists have driven away the native tribal people.

558: The first plane is flown in Greece.

560: With soldiers equipped with the advanced German weaponry, northern Chinese forces begin a conquest of the Southern Dynasties.

563: The Mayans now stretch north into OTL British Columbia,

566: Paul is married to an Egyptian noblewoman in an attempt to increase loyalty among the African people.

567: Chinese forces move northward and conquer the Mongolian tribes.

568: Richimir Odimir II dies at the age of 74. He is succeeded by his son Richimir Odimir III at the age of 50.

569: Paul II is born.

572: China expands west along the Silk Road to control all trade between Europe and the Orient. China ends its conquest north of the Indian subcontinent. Ethiopia, under Roman Catholic control, expands all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, thanks to the acquisition of German weapons.

573: The Richimir sends troops east until they reach the Caucasus and Ural Mountains. All of Europe is now under the control of the German people. To not alienate any people in the Empire, it is renamed the Empire of Europa.

575: Saxonia becomes the first city in the world with a power grid. Power is mainly used for street lamps and the wealthier citizens. It is generated from dams. To help solidify control over the Empire, a national power grid is to be built, supplying free energy to the people, run by the government.

576-578: Chinese forces conquer Manchuria, the Korean Peninsula, and the Japanese Islands. The Japanese Islands being the most difficult conquest.

579-582: With Europa controlling all land surrounding Arabia, Arabian troops invade Persia from the Persian Gulf.

583: The Richimir sends European scholars to show the Arabians, Indians, Mayans, and Chinese how to build electrical grids.

585: The Arabians ask for a stretch of land between Arabia and Persia. The Germans agree and sell the land to them.

586: The Indian subcontinent is given weapons by the Chinese.

592: Paul II and his Carthaginian wife have a child together, Paul III.

593: Richimir Odimir III dies at the age of 75. He is succeeded by his son Richimir Paul at the age of 48.

594: The Indian Empire is created and Indian troops conquer Tibet.

602: Indian troops conquer the Southeast Asian Peninsula. Chinese forces barely make their way down in time to conquer OTL Vietnam.

604: German colonists have moved northward into the OTL Chesapeake Bay Area. The Richimir has done his best to solidify control of the native peoples by letting them live together with the German people and keep their homelands. The native tribes are open to sharing the land and many accept German citizenship. The Richimir declares that all future occupied lands in North Walarun must be ruled by two men, one Native and one German, for a hundred years.

613: Mohammed begins preaching the Qur'an to the Arab people.

615: Paul III and his wife have a son, named Alexander, after the great conqueror.

625: The Prophet Mohammed comes to Saxonia to preach the Qur'an to Europeans. The Richimir tells Mohammed that he may preach to the European peoples, as long as he preaches of peace.

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