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The fighting rages in Germany, over who will end up in control of the nation. Göring is a non-entity, since the Luftwaffe is being swept down by the RAF. The main forces battling are the Army under Kluge, and the SS under Heydrich. The fighting is fierce, the SS is highly motivated and the SS divisions of the Army have the best equipment, which is now in Heydrich's hands, but the Army reigns supreme in discipline, and has the advantage of numbers. Soon, they have secured control of West Germany and the German land in Poland,

Kluge knows he can win, but it will be hard. He secures Göring's reluctant assistance, in return for guarantees that Göring will not be put on trial for treason after the Civil War. the Luftwaffe is able to offer a little support, with hoarded planes. With the Air Force on their side, the Army drives onto Berlin, and seizes the town. From then on, they are an unstoppable steamroller, and Heydrich is captured and executed try to escape to Norway, fromn where he was going to organize a resistance.

With his control of the German Reich secured, Kluge must now turn to important international matters. The consolidation of authority in Germany will surely worry the Allies, but there is the chance that the fall of the Nazi's has made a peace possible. They may even be able to convince the Allies to join them in striking down the Communist Menace of the East. What does Kluge do?

Fight on for the glory of Germany

Negotiate a peace.

Try to convince the Allies to attack Russia

Created by: Azecreth 15:03, September 16, 2011 (UTC)

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