This is a timeline where the Nazis were driven out of France and they announced a ceasefire, while the infrastructure and mobility of the country is untouched. Eventually they start to influence some more neighborhoods and started another world war (WW3).



'"In 1944 June 7th, Adolf Hitler and Karl Dönitz both died during an allied surprise bombing. The shocking news spread out and leads to an armistice between centrals and the allies.

  • July 8th: The armistice was signed. Germany is now the size of OTL Germany.
  • July 12 the treaty of Berlin. The treaty starts to work in Aug 6th.
  • Aug 6th: last fight in Europe. The treaty begins to work.
  • Dec 2nd: While the Japanese finding U.S. nuclear test site, it was bombed. Really hard that us need to find capable nuclear elements again.
  • Dec.6th: Despite the falling action in Pacific, Japan make huge gains in China.
  • Dec.13th: The status of commie China is now Government-in-exile.
  • Dec 20th: Austria is occupied by the French, Americans, and the British
  • Dec: 24th: Johannes Dieckmann becomes the Reichspräsident
  • Dec 27th: Reichspräsident gets renamed to präsident


  • Jan 7th: Treaty of Berlin goes into full effect
  • Jan 8th: Treaty of Berlin completed
  • Jan 11th: Battle of Chongqing begins
  • Jan 18th: Italian Republic is created
  • Jan 20th: Battle of Chongqing ends in a japenese victory. China announces that they will never surrender
  • Jan 30th: Battle of Two Jima begins
  • Feb 2nd: The US finds a place for a nuclear base
  • Feb 16: China starts wanting peace.
  • Feb 20: The Battle of Two Jima starts turning around
  • Feb 21: Nazi Germany is now Second Wiemar Republic
  • Feb 23: The Battle of Two Jima goes in favor of the japenese.

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