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Despite previous cooperation, the four major nations decide it is best to go their separate ways. China expanded its influence, establishing puppet states across the entire Pacific coast of North America. Australia helped its holdings gain full autonomy. Brazil struggled to hold onto its North American territories, but those are are lost in a series of bloody wars of independence.

In the 1990's, that all changed. By then, all four countries possessed a large stockpile of nuclear weapons, despite all having previously condemned WMDs. China had been able to instigate a Communist revolution in Brazil and begin a Communist movement in India. Australia grew wary and demanded the PRC to stop at once. China refused and eventually, an invasion was launched on Australian allies in the Americas. Australia sent ICBM's towards the Chinese puppet states.

Global nuclear war broke out for a second time. What remains of civilization almost totally collapsed. The world in 2012 is one of hope. Fallout has begun to dissipiate and small countries are beginning to show up. However, radioactive wastelands cover most of the Earth and most places are stuck in the Stone Age. The world may heal, but not anytime soon.

End of Timeline

Doctor Evulz (talk) 23:28, December 10, 2012 (UTC)

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