In 1831, Maryland seceded from the Union and joined the Confederacy. This lead to the Confederate Capture of Washington and several other key border states. This caused a series of events which lead to the division of The United States of America into four nations: The Confederate States of America,  New England, Greater New York, and Franklin. States and territories West of Minnesota and North of Texas became "shared territories", which were officially neutral between the nations of North America and Europe after the signing of the "California Treaty of 1904".

The Confederate States of America

The Confederate States of America includes all states that seceded prior to the takeover of Washington, along with Maryland, what used to be West Virginia (which was recaptured by Virginia after the Battle of Washington), Missouri, Kentucky and what used to be Washington, DC. The Capital is Richmond, Virginia. It is a heavily Agrarian nation based upon a confederate system of government in which most control is granted to state governments. It is lead by President Mike Huckabee. 

Initially seceding over the issue of slavery, the practice was reformed in 1920 so that only convicted criminals may be held as slaves due to the declaration by Al Smith, the president of Greater New York, that no trade could exist between Greater New York and a nation that holds non-convicted criminals as slaves. However, blacks in the Confederate states still do not have equal rights in most states, and most face extreme poverty due to hiring practices in Confederate States.

It has the largest military of all North American Nations.

New England

New England includes Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.The Capital of New England is Boston, Massachusetts. It is based primarily upon industrial exports. New England is the only nation in the former United States to have a Parliamentary system of government. The current Prime Minister is Olympia Snowe.

New England is notable for having a large fishing, shipping, and manufacturing sector. It is considered economically influential due to these exports, but is not considered to be a major economic power. 

Greater New York

The Republic of Greater New York includes the states of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Connecticut. It's capital is New York City. It is lead by President Andrew Cuomo.

Greater New York is notable as the most economically powerful North American Nation and the nation with the highest population density. It has a strong national guard but a weak military, and has not engaged in a war with another North American Nation since The Maryland War in 1924. It did, however, join all other North American Nations in backing Allied forces during World War II.


Franklin includes the states of Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Minnesota,and Iowa. It's capital is Philadelphia. It is lead by President Tim Pawlenty.

Franklin has a strong agricultural sector in the West and a strong manufacturing sector in the East. Despite this, it is economically the weakest of the nations, and has a relatively weak military.

Neutral Areas

In 1904, Greater New York challenged The Confederacy for control of former Union Territories in the West. These territories were made neutral between the nations, agreeing that resources would be shared based on population distribution and that the nations shared responsibility to protect the territories from Europe. 

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