The Force, originally called Serasai by the Chrelytians , is an entity in the Multiverse, which is everywhere and supposedly holds reality together. Many people in the universe follow this belief. The Force as a belief has existed for hundreds of millions of years. It is bellieved that the Chrelytians were the first to learn to worship and how to manipulate The Force. There are multiple organizations that study The Force, such as the Sendi Order and the Senrasai, who are enemies because they believe in the opposite side, the Light Side and the Dark Side, commonly called "good and evil". People from Earth are mostly unaware of The Force, though some people from Earth can manipulate it, most of the people from Earth do not believe in it, nor can use it. The Force is referred to as "magic" by many people. Few humans like Emperor Joash III are able to completely control it.

Force abilities

Some people and many species are able to tap into the Force to manipulate The Force in various ways. Beings that are able to do this are called Force-sensitive. The Light and Dark Side of the Force do not describe the Force, but merely how it used, for what purpose.

  • Speed, beings may use the Force to run at incredible speeds
  • Invisibilty, beings may use the Force to conceal their presence
  • Telepathy, beings can use this to mentally communicate with others 
  • Predicting the Future, beings that are strong in the Force can predict the near or sometims far future
  • Telekinesis, beings can use the Force to lift, pull and move objects, the more powerfull one is in the Force, the larger are the objects they can lift

A person creating a force field and using a Forcd wave

  • Size manipulation, advanced Force-users can alter their size, shrink or grow
  • Illusions, Force-users can project illusions and images
  • Shield, Force-users can use this to protect themselves from damage, may be a complete barrier surrounding the user(s)
  • Lightning, a powerfull and dangerous ability that electrifies victims, may result in a lightning duel if clashing with opposing lightning

A person shooting Lightning

  • Energy manipulation, advanced Force-users can shoot energy beams from their hands, or generate an energy orb and throw it, other manipulations, may result in a duel if an opposing beam is present
  • Influence, Force-users can use this to confuse, to trick or in extreme cases torture a victim's mind or control them, it may also be used to give information or erase information from one's memory
  • Wave, Force-users can use a powerfull blast that blows things and people away, sol
  • Jump, Force-users can jump very high with the help of The Force
  • Drain life, a dark technique that absorbs a lifeform's life force, leading to death, but lengthens the life and strengthens the power of the user
  • Ghost, some beings become one with The Force and may return as a ghost if they choose to temporary leave the Netherworld
  • Blast, strong Force-users can use this to damage or destroy things or even beings
  • Sever, a rare ability that severs another Force user by blocking their connection with The Force
  • Teleportation, a difficult and very rare ability that allows a user to teleport to the destination of their choice
  • Light, a extremely powerfull Force power that greatly weakens Dark side users
  • Sonic scream, produces a powerfull blast from the mouth of the user
  • Deflection, used to deflect attacks or throw attacks back
  • Flight, extremely powerfull Force-users are capable of levitation or flight
  • Retain youth, very powerfull Force-users can live for hundreds of years while keeping their youthful appearance.
  • Creating matter, extremely powerfull Force-users can create matter or summon objects from nowhere
  • Love and Friendship, two emotions that nearly all sentient species experience. Its true abilities are unknown, though it has been able to defeat the most powerfull attacks. This power is accessible by most people, but only if they have a strong feeling of the emotion.
  • Healing, Force-users may use the Force to heal wounds or in rare instances save others from near-Death

A person using hydrokinesis

  • Elemental control, some Force users can manipulate the elements fire, earth, air and water.
    • Hydrokinesis, ability to control water, may be used to control fluids, freeze them and control things that contain fluids
    • Pyrokinesis, the ability to control and/or fire
    • Terrakinesis, the ability to control earth and possible other minerals
    • Aerokinesis, the ability to control air

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