The Flash is a 1992 superhero movie based on the DC Comics The Flash character, starring James Spader, Talisa Soto, Tom Cleary, Ryan Bettis and Tim Dane and directed by David Ponnegan. The movie was a box-office success, being one of a handful of major summer of 1992 releases (as compared with the crowded, cut-throat slate the previous year) despite garnering mixed reviews and established Spader, Soto and Cleary as bankable stars going into the 1990's. The movie focused on the battle between Barry Allen/Flash (Spader) and Len Snart/Captain Cold (Cleary) in a more realistic take on the comic book's storylines.

The film spawned two sequels - Flash II in 1995, which was critically panned but commercially successful, and Flash III: The Rise of the Rogues in 1999, which was a box office and critical disaster and featured lesser-known actors in the starring roles. A reboot of the series, titled The Scarlet Speedster, was released in 2009 with Drew Brees as Barry Allen and Jessica Biel as Iris West.



  • James Spader as Barry Allen/Flash, a forensic scientist who becomes a super-fast vigilante after a chemical accident
  • Talisa Soto as Iris West, Barry Allen's girlfriend who is unaware of his double identity
  • Tom Cleary as Len Snart/Captain Cold, a highly-intelligent criminal who is unleashed upon Central City with a freezing gun
  • Ryan Bettis as Lieutenant Warren Garfield, Allen's supervisor and a droll police officer
  • Tim Dane as Bill Tyler, a corrupt district attorney manipulating Captain Cold to push his own political ambitions



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