Crazaliri Empire
Timeline: Battle for Earth: Prime
TerranEmpire ProtossCOA
Flag Coat of Arms

For Empire, For People, For Glory (Crazaliri)

(and largest city)
Other cities Coites, Spemtrum
  others 24 languages
Religion None
Ethnic Group Crazaliri
Demonym Firstborn
Government Empire
  legislature Imperial Senate
Emperor Sik-Yuw
  Royal house: Sik
Population 18,000,000,000,000 
The Crazaliri, commonly known as the Firstborn is a sentient race that originated from the planet Zerus Prime. The Firstborn achieved sentience around 44M BC. The first race to be created by the Ancients, the Firstborn remained as feral beasts for over three million years, until the Ancients were forced to intervene and grant sentience. Most of the Firstborn are bound with a mental link known as the Nhal.


The Nhali

The first Firstborn tribe, known as the Tiramat Tribe was formed about 300 years after sentience. After about 600 years, the Tiramat Tribe formed a mental link between all members of the tribe called the Nhal. Eventually the Nhal became the main religion of the Tiramat Tribe.

Soon, the mental link spread to other tribes, the first being the Ferix Tribe. When members of the Ferix Tribe achieved a mental link with members of the Tiramat Tribe, conflict ensued. The link spread to all 28 other tribes, causing a millennia-long war known as the Aeon of Strife.

Aeon of Strife

The Aeon of Strife was a civil war between the tribes that lasted for 1021 years. The major combatants were the Tiramat Tribe and the Ferix Tribe, with other minor tribes casting their allegiance between the two. Tens of millions of Firstborn perished in the war on both sides. By year 1000 of the war, however, it was clear the Tiramat Tribe was going to be the victor. On year 1021, the Ferix Tribe finally surrendered.

The full death toll of the Aeon of Strife is estimated to be between 600 to 800 million Firstborn.

Creation of the Zerathi

However, during the Aeon of Strife, a renegade group of Firstborn were created. By cutting off the nerve cords coming out of their heads, they were able to disconnect themselves from the Nhali, which they believed was the source of the conflict.

They were branded as the Zerathi, meaning Dark Ones. Fearing this new group, the victorious Tiramat Tribe attempted to genocide the Zerathi.

Eventually the Zerathi were forced off of Zerus by the Nhali. The Zerathi promptly vanished.

A New Order

After the Zerathi disappeared, 27 of the 30 tribes formed a loose confederacy called the Nhali Confederacy. The Confederacy quickly broke down, however, as the tribes could not agree on any matter.

On year 2019 Aurus, a Firstborn warrior united 19 of the tribes, including the Tiramat and Ferix. Within a hundred years he crushed the remaining 11 tribes and formed the Firstborn nation that exists today. Having no official name, the Firstborn formed a tight caste society comprised of the Tenmi, the builders and inventors, the Templar, the warriors and the Judicators, the justice force. The leader of the Firstborn was almost always taken from the Templar cast, except for three occasions.

The Firstborn agreed on a policy of non-interference, or letting other lesser species run their natural course. Direct force was rarely used, only on occasions where

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