The first sacking of Rome
Part of Vae victis!

A picture of Brennus, after the sack of Rome
Date 14th, August 387 BC
Location Rome
Result Victory for the Senone
  • Rome falls apart, Senate is killed
  • Marcus Furius Camillus is appointed dictator of Rome
  • Rome is weakened severely and is soon collapsed by Safinium
Senone Rome
Commanders and leaders
Brennus No overall commander
12,000 18,000
Casualties and losses
~500 ~20,000 (including civilians)

The sacking of Rome was a massive battle between the Senone and the garrison at Rome, as well as Roman forces leftover from the battle of Allia. It was a complete victory for the Senones, with very few Senone casualties and extremely high Roman casualties. The battle effectively sealed the fate of Rome, which was defeated for the last time at the battle of Veii. It was extremely decisive in favor of the Senones, and Rome, while remaining an important city, would never rule a nation again.


The battle was caused by Roman diplomats fighting and killing several Senone, while trying to defend the Etruscan city of Clusium thus breaking the "law of nations." This was an incredible insult to the Senone, an immediately This resulted in the Senone halting attack on Clusium, and make peace with the Etruscans. They then marched into Roman territory, defeating the Romans handily at the battle of Allia. With the battle won, the Senone followed the Romans back to their capital city, and prepared to start the Sacking of Rome.


The battle lasted only five hours and was a complete failure for the Romans. While the Romans were still retreating into Rome, the Senone attacked the back of the Roman column, forcing the Romans to run further into the city with the Senone close behind. When the Romans finally managed to turn and mount a coherent resistance, they were quickly slaughtered by the onslaught of Senone troops, and dissipated, with no real chance of regrouping. They remaining Roman forces were soon killed during intense street fighting, and the Roman army was defeated. With the Romans Defeated, the Senone sacked the city, killing thousands of civilians and looting the city.


Rome was completely destroyed, and would have to be rebuilt over 100 years or more, and would never serve as a national capital again. Because of Rome's destruction, Marcus Furius Camillus was appointed temporary dictator. He would also fail at fighting the Senone, and lead to the ultimate downfall of Rome. The Senone also destroyed hundreds of important buildings and killed politicians, in order to stop Rome from reforming a coherent government. Overall, the raid and destruction of Rome began the end for the Roman Republic, and sealed it's fate to fall within a year.

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