Channel island fed flag

Flag of The Federation of the Channel Islands as of 1903

The Federation of the Channel Islands gained independence in 1742

Official Name: The Federation of the Channel Islands

Common Name: Channel Islands

Government said: parliamentary democracy

Government actual: parliamentary democracy (but recognise the two British monarchy’s)

Capital: ST Helier

Languages: 2 main (English, French)

Head of State and Government: Prime Minister Greg Falkes (since June 02, 2010)

Deputy Head of Government: Minister Lilly Moulder (since June 02, 2010)

Population: 1,760,500

Largest Cities: Cherbourg (490,500), ST Helier (19,000)

Religion: 95% Christian of various forms (Roman Catholicism, Anglican Protestantism and Baptists of various forms are most common), many different belief systems and religions

Racial Makeup of Population: White 82.1%, Black 4.6%, Coloured or mixed-race 3.3%, Indian 6.6%, Arab 2.2%, Asian 1.2%

Founding Date: May 27 1621 after the Second War of British secession

Date of Current Borders: March 1742

OTL Borders: Channel Islands and Cherbourg France


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