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Bundesrepublik Alcana
(and largest city)
Language German/English
Religion Christian Catholic
Government Federal Republic
President Marco Latano
Vice President Hillary Zackberg
Area N/A km²
Population 119,810,000 (2015 census) 
Established 1617

Alcana is a country in Southern Europe. The Capital of Alcana is called Pandora which is a huge economic hub for Europe and much of the world. Heinburg Metropolitan area population is nearly at 24 Million. It is also home to the biggest port in Europe. Alcana has refused to join the EU but has joined the UN but when it comes to Nukes and Space programs it does its own thing. In Alcana there are 2 party's The Democratic Party of Alcana and The Christian Conservative Party.


Alcana 2016

Location of Alcana in Europe.

The nation of Alcana has a very German and English past. It has been ruled by both German speaking and English speaking nations. But gained full independence in 1617. After its independence its tried to stay away from the battles of Europe and Alcana did its own thing. It had tight borders which were ordered by the king. In 1780 the king was over thrown and a President took power. The Christian Conservative Party was created. Then in 1796 The Democratic Party was formed as a rival party. During the 1800s Alcana developed very fast and because a economic powerhouse. During WW1 The Democratic Party was in control and they are very anti war as they believe it wastes money which could be spend on improving the country. So Alcana did not fight during WW1. But during WW2 the Nazi invaded a northern peninsula and used it as a look out location. But during world war 2 The Christian Conservative Party (CCP)was in charge and they believe in protecting Alcana so they got the natzi off alcana then bombed berlin 2 days later. After that Alcana shut its borders and secured them and got the army ready if anyone invaded. In 1943 The Workers Party Of Alcana took power and kicked out other party's and ran Alcana as a dictatorship until 1954 when The CCP took over the government building in Pandora after killing the dictator. After that The CCP was in power for 14 Years (The longest a party has ever been in power) until The Democratic party came back and the term limits were set to 5 Years and Alcana was no longer a dictatorship. During the 60s, 70s and 80s the Alcana Economy raised like never before. In the 90s new it really began to take off and the new stock exchange opened. New trade deals were made with USA, Nigeria and china. In 1998 Alcana was asked to join EU but because the country was so divided on the issues there was a referendum and 62.8% wanted to remain out of EU. In the 2000s New booming cities grew bigger and skyscrapers were built. In 2003 a nuclear program was set up after the CCP built a $2 Billion underground nuclear site which the Democratic party was not happy about. Also The Alcana Federal Space Agency (AFSA) was set up in 2004 and a new $5 Billion space center was built which made Alcana to build satellites and explore space science. AFSA is currently second biggest space agency behind NASA. In 2006 Alcana was left in a state of shock after Al-Qaeda set of a bomb in Central Heinburg killing 42 People and injuring 782 people. It was the worst terror attack on Alcanan soil since WW2. It came as a shock as no one even knew that Al-Qaeda was even in Alcana. In 2010 the Alantic tower was built in Downtown Heinburg it was 500M tall and was a model of what Alcana could build. Also Alcana population Now in 2016 stands at 119,810,000 people. It has a booming tourist industry. On Jan 12 2016 a ISIS extremist came a shore in a boat at Heinburg Internatinal Port and killed 8 people and hurt 12 in a shooting in the port. Alcana has been placed on a High terror alert by The Democratic party. (which are currently in power) Alcana is aware of the current Situation in Europe and donated $30 Billion in aid for Syria and European migrant crisis which is currently not affecting Alcana. On the 20th Feb 2016 10 Syrian family landed in Alcana after the Democratic party agreed to let 200 Syrian refuges in to the country.


Alcana is in Southern Europe. Some of its border nations include Romania, Slovenia and Ukraine.


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