Welcome to the main page for the article The Fall of the United States (1973)! This alternate history describes what would happen if the 1973
Socialist states by duration

The 2011 world in this Alternate History. Red represents the USCR, while blue represents Communist puppet states, and yellow represents resistance - occupied, but officially recognized Communist states, grey represents officially neutral countries

"Oil Crisis" would have led to the destabilization and ultimate incapacitation of the United States economy, the Soviet Union invades, and effortlessly wins. Which, would've probably ruined a lot of folks' days.

The Ultimate End of the USA (The Embargo)

The 1967 Oil Embargo began on June 6, 1967, one day after the beginning of the Six-Day War, with a joint Arab decision to deter any countries from supporting the Israel military. Several Middle Eastern countries eventually halted their Bloodline of America oil shipments to the United States and abroad. The Oil Embargo significantly decreased the amount of oil available in the United States and the United Kingdom, and all nations that have oil-dependent economies, except the Soviet Union, on which special exceptions were placed because of the recent secret (in a way) sale of nuclear weapons to the Arab nations, excluding Israel. The Soviet officials see this as a once in a lifetime chance to conquer the United States.

The Fall of the United States of America

Once the Soviet Union commences its attack on the US, the US officials are mortified (Probably, "THERE GOES ME MONEY, LADS!!!"). The Canadian government declares a state of emergency, for the Canadian officials have just witnessed the only defender of them, now that the United Kingdom has also fallen to a German invasion (on Soviet orders), fall. The Mexican Government declares war on Cuba, in a desperate hope to eradicate Communism, for they would have tried to hopelessly attack the Soviets when (or, more accurately, "if") they defeated Fidel Castro's Communist Cuba.

After The World Changing Fall

After the United States is out of the way, and the United Nations disbanded, the (Newly renamed, and refurbished, all for a low flat rate!) United Socialist-Communist Republic (USCR) sets its sights of Afghanistan, West Germany, Yugoslavia, and Finland. All of the nations quickly fall, except for Afghanistan, which, in OTL, drives the USSR out after nine long years, but in this timeline, falls after only two years of fighting. After the USCR takes over Afghanistan, Osama Bin Laden is executed in Volgograd - in 1977, thirty-four years before the United States executed him.


The United States did not respond with nuclear weapons because Soviet Spies had caused the NORAD Nuclear Defense Network to malfunction, convincing U.S. government officials that they had already launched hundreds of nuclear weapons, when really, they were all still on the ground pointed at Moscow (THAT'LL show em'! Ow, wait, what?!). The Soviet Union was waiting for the United States to launch its nuclear arsenal first, so just in case a nuclear doomsday was caused (Uh-oh), all of the USSR, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, could point fingers at the US, from Seattle to Augusta (Maine).

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