The Fall of Hungary
(Der Fall von Ungarn)
(Pad Ugarske)
(Căderea de Ungaria)

7 March, 1615 - 12 June, 1616



  • Flag of AustriaArchduke Wolfgang I von Habsburg
  • PM3HRCarFlagTsar Domagoj II Nelipić
  • The Flag of Romania (Principia Moderni III Map Game) Grand Consul Dan Drăculești I
  • Flag of Hungary (PMIII) TBD
  • Flag of Austria 15,000
  • PM3HRCarFlag 15,000
  • The Flag of Romania (Principia Moderni III Map Game) 15,000
  • Flag of Hungary (PMIII) 30,000
Casualties and Losses

Total Dead: 8,200

Total Dead: 19,800


The Fall of Hungary was a war fought between 1615 and 1616 which marked the end of the Kingdom of Hungary and the creation of two nations; The Croatian Knyazdom of Western Hungary and the Dacian Consulate of Eastern Hungary.

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