In 1787 and 1788 several prominent leaders in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jeresy, and Deleware are killed by disgruntled loyalists and accidents, causing the states of South Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina,  Virginia, and New Jeresy refused to ratify the constiution while the states of New England agreed upon the document, causing a major issue to occur on the nations future. And so after the failure to ratify the Constiution, the United States government was in a sort of limbo, with the New England states organizing a type of government like the Constitution while the other states continued using a slightly altered version of the Articles of Confederation. Along with this divide there was both economic and cultural differences, although the economic and political differences played a bigger role.

By 1792 the United States was in dire straits, and the only peaceful solution to the problem was to split the union into the nations of the Federation of New England and the United States of Southron. With the creation of these two nations came the end of America, and the falling away of a united America.

The World of the Fall as of 1804

1804 AD



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