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The FNNG decides to get revenge on the Allies, and strikes a deal with the Soviets by which they will gain all of Central Europe, in return for siding with them. The allies are then shocked when FNNG forces are seen aiding the Soviets in Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia. They then realize that they have been doublecrossed, and move what few forces they have to spare into the FNNG. Of course, the FNNG easily repels their assault.

With the FNNG aiding the Soviets, they are able to conquer all of mainland Europe. The Germans are given Central Europe, Eatern Europe is put under direct Soviet occupation, and Western Europe is put under joint Soviet-German occupation. The Englsh turn to America to help, but as they have their own problems, the English are rebuffed.

Eventually, the Soviets and Germans both go to war with each other, as the ideological differneces, and their greed get the best of them. The english see their chance, and finally are able to get American support. They then launch an invasion of mainland europe, retaking France and Spain. and moving into Germay. The Germans are the first to fall, and the Allies are able to penetrate into Poland before being halted by the Soviets. With the war seemingly at a stalemate, the Soviets approach the Allies for peace. The Allies control all of western Europe, and most of Central Europe, with only parts of Eastern europe. Shall the Allies accept peace?

Created by:Azecreth 15:35, August 10, 2010 (UTC)

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