1849: The Republic of California is officially reorganized into the Southron Republic of California, and a minor immigration boom begins of German and Austrians fleeing the Revolutions of 1848, this will make German a large cultural group of the Republic, and have large impacts later on. 

A large amount of Dutch refugees move to South Africa, into the Boer settlements there, with their movement being joined by a large number of Danes and Austrians, bringing a mix of similar but still different cultures into the area.

In the United States, the Arizona Territory is formed from the Texan land west of the Rio Grande, being mostly slave and southern settled at this point.

1850: The Compromise of 1850 fails to be approved in Congress, as the Southern states feel cheated as the North has plenty of land from which to form states, while the south has limited amounts of land. Fire eaters in both North and South continue arguing until a bitter divide begins to show between the two halves of the nation, and though contained for now, it seems the issues must be resolved somehow. Sonora and Idaho Territories are organized.

The Federation of Deseret continues to grow and prosper, with the population continuing to climb higher and higher thanks to a baby boom and (less publicly), polygamy. This upward population trend allows for a higher amount of Mormons within Deseret, as well as securing its future as its own free nation. The University of Deseret is founded in Salt Lake City.

Los Angeles becomes and incorporated city of the Southron Republic of California.

British convicts begin to be transported to Australia.

1851: Harriet Tubman is killed by a runaway slave who robbed her, thinking she was trying to stop him from fleeing north.

Milliard Fillmore is inaugurated as President following his predecessor’s untimely death in early February. With the failure of Clay’s compromise of 1850, the nations future seems a bit dark, especially with the secession of Texas, with which it the territories of Arizona and Sonora seceded with it. Some southern states advocate following, of which Louisiana nearly does.

A flip of the coin decides the name of a new city in Oregon Territory, whether to be named after Portland, Maine, or after Albany, New York, with Albany winning the toss.

A census of the United Kingdom reveals the total is 21 Million people, with about 36% living in cities.

San Luis is appointed Territorial capitol of Arizona Territory.

Ramon Castilla defeats an attempted coupe, executing the would be upsurpers, and finding they have ties to the Ecuadorians to the north, who feared his regime, he orders massive military buildup and issues an embargo against Ecuador. Funding begins to overthrow the northern government and install a friendly regime.

The HMS Eugenie circumnavigates the globe, the first Swedish naval vessel to do so.

First YMCA is established in Montreal, Quebec.

1852: The Chilean Revolution ends with a rebel victory, and the Liberal leader Jose Cruz takes the Presidency, granting autonomy to his Mapuche allies for their aid in the war. He advocates Chilean settlement of Patagonia, and a series of settlements are built on the Atlantic coast of Patagonia, just south of the Argentine border.

The events in the United States continue to evolve, or devolve considering your point of view. Southern delegates meet in Montgomery, to decide the regions fate, with delegates from all states south of the Mason Dixon, including delegates from southern Missouri. The assembled states, through discussion and several determined, bitter votes, decide to sever themselves from the United States, writing their own declaration of independence, which is signed on March 22nd, in Montgomery, separating north and south.

The Boers continue to grow in number and strength, organizing the Boer Free State in South Africa, separating two pieces of British South Africa. 

1853: The Union of Southron States is officially organized from the southern states, and the first constitution is implemented, heavily based on the Old Union’s government. It has 14 states, with a new flag being designed, with a large central star to represent the Southron nation and its culture, not so much the federal government.

The United States officially recognizes the Union of Southron States and the Republic of Texas, and extends relations to the two nations, as Fillmore wishes for peaceful and prosperous relations between the two nations.

The District of Colombia is officially ceded to the Southron States in a great ceremony, and President Milliard Fillmore of the United States, with President Robert E Lee of the Southron States have a meeting in the Oval Office, in which the treaty ceding the territory is signed, as well as an agreement of alliance and cooperation in trade, as well as to continually joint enforce the Monroe Doctrine. This "Treaty of the Oval Office", will shape history for decades to come.

President Joseph Smith of Deseret agrees to a non-militarized border with California, stating in an official release that “Deseret needs allies, not enemies”__________________

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