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12th July: A sudden tidal wave rushes up the Thames and destroys a large part of London. Among the dead are Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

14th July: These freak tidal waves and Tsunamis appear in Manchester, Cardiff, Liverpool, Margate, Glasgow and Edinburgh. The new priminster Ken Clarke urges people to stay in there homes.

17th July: Freak hurricanes destroy large parts of the British countryside. Bill Clinton in the U.S declares an international emergency.

20th July: A vast tidal wave consumes most of East Anglia. An evacuation to Northern Ireland begins for most British citizens.

21st July: The power goes out across the country. Temperatures of -20 Degrees are recorded.

22nd July: People moving to the ports on the west coast of England and Wales are killed because of these temperatures.

23rd July: These Tidal Waves begin to appear in France. Jacques Chirac orders the evacuation of all coastal areas.

24th July: The temperature drops to -45 Degrees. Ken Clarke and his cabinet are snowed in inside Their Headquarters in Oxford. They begin to die.

25th July: Hurricane Joseph wipes out half of Hollands infrastructure.

27th July: A vast flood swamps most of Holland. Europe is in Chaos.

30th July: Belgium disappears beneath the waves. The leaders of the EU are meeting in Brussels at this time and are killed.

31st July: Crime rises to huge heights across Europe.

1st August: A vast global temperature drop occurs. the Temperature drops to -50.

2nd August: 30 million people have already frozen to death. The Water behind the Hoover dam Freezes up.

3rd August: Tornadoes strike at Washington. Bill Clinton is killed.

4th August: There is a global Eclipse. By this point one billion people have died from the cold.

14th August: The world emerges from the eclipse. 5.8 billion people have died during the cold eclipse.

15th August: Scientists who managed to survive in Dublin see that the climate is now returning to normal.

16th August: Al Gore becomes President of the U.S.

17th August: Whilst he is surveying the hoover dam. It breaks apart and he and the rest of the U.S senate are killed.

18th August: The beginning of the Great Chaos.

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