European Front
Date1938 - 1943
Result Decisive Allied victory
French fourth Republic British Empire
Nazi Germany
French British | German
3,760,000 2,970,000
Casualties and losses
1,309,008 killed,
178,300 wounded
147,000 captured
1,400,170 killed,
163,310 wounded

This area of the war seemingly ended rather quickly with the capture of Paris in late 1939. But, with Polish and French insurgents, Heavy fighting in Yugoslavia, Greece and Ireland against the Axis powers after France fell, and the A-bomb used on London, Rome and Berlin alongside Iranian bombing of Greece and Turkey, this became the second bloodiest theater in the Second World War (after The North American front (Hitler is an American)

The Early War

1. The Phoney War

2. The Fall of France

The War Spreads

The End in Europe

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