The year is 2007. Europe has barely any oil, due to the fighting in the Middle East. Most oil fields have been destroyed due to terrorists in that region, and now oil is almost inaccessible. The EU fights over oil problems. Due to this, the EU breaks up. Soon, the European Wars begin in the Balkans region. Bulgaria, Serbia, and Romania join to form the Balkan Empire. Greece is threatened by this, and declares war on Albania and Macedonia to gain more land. Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia/Herzegovina, and Montenegro join to form the Western Balkan Alliance.

The Wars Of 2007

Greek Wars Of Aggression

Greece declares war on Albania and Macedonia in July.

The Battle Of Korce, Albania

Day 1

After war was declared, Greece first invades Albania using Cavalry Units, backed by Foot Units. Albania is shocked because of the use of Cavalry. The Greeks think that the Cavalry can easily overrun enemy positions and conquer quickly. They were wrong. After conquering small towns with hardly any military presence, the Greek army arrives at Korce with 1,500 Cavalry Units and 500 Foot Soldiers. The Cavalry ride into the town, running civilians over, and mercilessly killing them. From windows in buildings usually on a second or third floor window, Albanian troops fire on the Cavalry, often when they are riding over civilians. If the horses do not kill them, the bullets sure will. The machine guns are proven very effective against the cavalry units. The machine guns surprise the cavalry units before they can react, and 250 Cavalry are killed by the machine guns. The Cavalry units then bust into homes, killing their owners, and then using them to sleep for the night. Korce is now a city of dead, rotting bodies, Greek and Albanian alike, the streets are covered in blood, and houses have bullet holes in them, large holes made by explosions, busted windows and doors, and some dead people lying inside.

Day 2

After the first day, the Cavalry units do not use their horses anymore, and convert to ground troops. There is a road nearby where many of the Cavalry units stayed for the night. On the road, nearly 2,000 Albanian troops march. The Greek Foot Soldiers are sent in, to back up the Cavalry. On the road, the troops do not know they are being watched. They think that the Greek troops have come and gone already, as evidence suggests. The 2,000 men break up into eight, 250 man squads, and they roam the city looking for survivors. 500 of them go down a side road down an ally, splattered with blood and littered with dead bodies. Suddenly, machine gun fire opens up from in front and behind of them. Nearly 100 men are killed in the first few minutes, and the remaining men duck and dodge for cover. Many of them find it, but another 50 are killed in the process. The remaining troops are scattered in little squads through out a small plaza, before Greece's 500 Foot Soldiers run in, screaming, and shooting the Albanians. With little time to react, 300 of the remaining 350 are killed. The other 50 are taken prisoner, and sent to Greece to be put in Concentration Camp-Like Areas. The other 1,500 Albanians are making their way out of the city. But also, the Greeks had brought back up too. Nearly 3,500 Cavalry Units accompanied by 1,000 Foot Soldiers, and 500 Artillery Units. The Artillery bombards the Albanians, who run and duck for cover. The Albanian troops are unlucky, as 500 men die from the artillery. The remaining 1,000 run for the outskirts, in very small groups of scattered men, dazed and confused. As they run out of the city, on the hills surrounding the city, are the Cavalry units, and they charge, killing 750 men. 200 other men are captured and sent away to camps, and 50 others survive and escape. Korce is now in the hands of the Greeks.

The Battle Of Vlore, Albania

Day 1

After the last major victory at Korce, many smaller towns are conquered by the Greeks. As the Greeks hit the coast, they face Vlore, Albania, a key city in the Albanian Riviera. 15,000 Cavalry Units, 10,000 Foot Soldiers, and 5,000 Artillery Pieces are brought in for this job, as 20,000 Albanian troops occupy the city, with off coast ship assistance. The Greek plan is unlike the last one, riding into town, killing everything. For this plan, artillery fire will weaken the first few waves of men, then soldiers will be deployed, and weaken the rest, and then the Cavalry will move in on the retreating forces, and take the city. But the Albanians are prepared. They have off-shore artillery fire from ships, and also have machine gun nests set up all around the city, along with spotters and snipers high up on rooves. The artillery fire commences early in the morning, killing 5,000 Albanian troops. Sirens ring on the ships, as artillery fire is launched there on the Greek artillery, destroying 2,000 pieces. Only 30 ships are off the coast, and the remaining 3,000 pieces target them, and fire. 20 ships are hit, and explode or sink. Five ships are disabled, and another five are scuttled. Now the foot soldiers march into town, and kill off 10,000 troops, losing only 5,000 of their own. The Albanian troops retreat to the shores, and get on civilian boats, and sail off, hoping to find refuge in Italy. The Albanians were quicker than expected, and no retreating men were killed by the cavalry, who didn't even leave their positions to charge.

Albanian Defeat

After almost all of their men were dead or retreated to Italy, Albania surrendered as Vlore was taken.

Kosovo was annexed into Greece after this, as the WBA were giving them trouble.

Macedonian Defeat

With Kosovo now apart of Greece, and with Greece's men being so close to Skopje, Macedonia surrendered out of fear.

Greek-Western Balkan Alliance-Balkan Empire War

After Greece's successful wars, gaining them Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia, they decide they are one of the three greatest Balkan powers, although being the smallest, but not necessarily the weakest. The WBA stays in touch with Italy, Austria, and Hungary, forming a Quadruple Alliance. The Balkan Empire stays in touch with Turkey, and the Ukraine. They urge Ukraine to annex Moldavia, and they do so. Greece has gotten in touch with Italy as well, and have forced them to give them the Italian Islands, and forcing them to hand over all Albanian refugees. The refugees, along with all former Albanian Troops, Albania's Government, and many civilians, are forced into the camps, where many are killed. Greece thinks they can handle the WBA, and they prove themselves wrong. As they declare war, both country's major armies battle on the border, with a lot of stalemates. With Italy, Austria, and Hungary called to the war, all of them join in. With Hungary joining in, the Ukraine joins in, and with the Ukraine joining in, the Balkan Empire joins in. They are all focused on Greece. With millions of troops crowded around their borders, Greece falls within months.


With 2007 ending, Greece is split in half between the WBA and the BE. Ukraine joins the BE, so does Turkey, along with half of Hungary. Austria, Italy and the other half of Hungary joins the WBA. The WBA and BE join an alliance. Together, they make the Grand Balkan Empire, with Sofia as the Capital.


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