Welcome to the portal page for The European Commonwealth Empire ATL.

This new timeline explores the what if a surviving Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. In the ATL, the Alliance of the Three Black Eagles never comes to be due to more heated arguments about territorial boundaries. This timeline covers what would happen due to the possible and likely Polish conquest and the effects of a living Polish superstate on both World Wars. This new ATL is meant to be a live collaborative project, which means you can add to it. Remember to stay on track with the written timeline.


The PoD is in 1732, when after debates the leaders of Russia, Prussia, and the Austrian-Hungarian Empire fail to meet an agreement on the future of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, a Country that borders all 3 powers. It is unknown what exactly the cause is, but it is believed to be the boundary of the Prussian-Russian extant of Water access.

After this, the Polish semi-democratic Sejm(Polish for gathering) meet in 1745 and create the 1st Constitution of the Commonwealth, and the first in the World. This dismantled many possibilities of corruption from foreign nations. The Constitution was also one of the first steps towards equality in the Commonwealth.

In a surprise move, the Commonwealth allied itself with Austria-Hungary to attack the Ottoman Empire in the Second Great Turkish War. This attributed to the gain of Black Sea ports for the Commonwealth and a brief era of friendly relations between the Russian and P-L States.


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