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This is the page for the Entente, a political, military, and economic alliance established by France in 1821 to counter the British threat. The current goal is to help destroy the Pact of Iron before they can destroy this organization. This page contains the organization's members, issues, and discussion topics. If you're a new nation (or player) and you are not aligned to any alliance, choose this one as we promise you glory.


Full Members

  • France
  • Spain
  • Italian Union
  • Confederation of Germany (French Puppet)

Junior Members

  • Japan
  • Prussia

Observer Members

  • Russia

Former Members

Who To Look Out For

Pact of Iron (An Organization Willing To Destroy France)

  • Britain (Low Threat)
  • Brazil (Medium Threat)
  • Austria-Hungary (Low Threat)


Isn;t Prussia in the Pact of Iron? AttackDog

The Italian Union formally requests membership into the Entente

SureRandomWriterGuy 01:33, April 25, 2012 (UTC)

Prussia has become a member of the Confederation of the Rhine, now called the Confederation of Germany. Could we please become a full member, and no longer a French puppet? I mean, we have helped and offered help to France for a while now, and we have large industry. Callumthered 22:16, May 4, 2012 (UTC)

Being a full member, I think I can grant you membership (I hope) considering you're a strong nation (even stronger now). The puppet issue must be dealt with by France, I don't think it should be much of an issue; I was a French puppet and the Union grew to become a strong power here in Europe.AwesomePeruvian 03:09, May 5, 2012 (UTC)


Situation in the Ottoman Empire

Recently, the Ottoman Empire has fallen apart, and I am apparently picking up the pieces. What should we do about the situation?

War Room


USA: We have our troops ready to push into Canada. One million in Washington, One million in the Northeast and 250,000 in Minnesota. A quarter of our navy is situated in the Great Lakes and an eigth in the St.Lawrence. USA is ready to commence the invasion on your command.

Japan: Is Japan still part of the Entente?

France: Sure you are, Japan. The goal of the discussion is this: how do we plan war. Apparently, Prussia, Austria and Russia are planning to seize Poland away. Apparently, if they dared to attack it, it will a declaration of war. The plan is: who attacks what?

Japan: Japan is ready when the group is.

USA: US is ready to invade Canada


France: Prussia already ceased-fire and everything is back to normal.

Poland: Poland asks if an attack can be made on the Pact of Iron before they attack us to catch them off guard. It will take Poland 2-3 years to be on par with other members of the Entente.

France: While that is a good idea, I suggest we prepare for a few decades before even planning the assault. Since you're a small nation, Poland, you will need great military expertise.

China: China is ready for any Entente military requests.


  1. The Golden Rule: YOU MUST NOT BE ALIGNED TO BRITAIN (Unless you already decide to join the French instead of Britain)
  2. All nations can raise issues and have the right to vote on them
  3. In all issues, the majority wins in decisions
  4. If caught in an act of betrayal, they WILL BE EVICTED!


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