An Empire to last

Of course I am talking about the almighty Roman Empire, an Empire which some say would never fall, sadly everything ends, everything has its time. But what if? What if the Roman Empire survived? How would it be possible? Would it be possible? Well, I say absolutely!

Julius Ceasar survives assassination

On the 15th of March, 44BC, Julius Caesar, Dictator of Rome, made his way to the Senate for a meeting with some concerned senators, however the reality couldn't be anymore different. The night before, a man who claimed to be one of the plotters warned Caeasr of the planned assassination, telling him that he decided that killing the great dictator would achieve nothing.

The next morning Caesar ordered a squad of Roman soldiers to come with him, Caesar also decided to wear armour underneath his robes, just in case. He then took his squadron of elite soldiers with him, where, upon entering the Senate building, has them arrest all the senators inside, Caesar said: "I declare you all arrested, for crimes against Rome and its dictator". With panicking suddenly now spreading, some senators decided to attempt to Kill Caesar, however his armour protected him, the assassination was a failure.


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