An Alt History about a successful Norse Colonization of North America dramatically changing history.

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Some Notable Differences,

  • The United States never existed
  • England is known as Har and is Norse
  • The Catholic Church is not the dominant Christian Religion only one of the three.
  • The Norse-Greek Crusades succeed in the Near East
  • Germanic Paganism makes a comeback
  • Europe creates two very different cultures in time Nordic Europe and Latin Europe, the Slavic-Greek Orthodox culture is more dignified and individual.
  • Many Native American Nations survive into the Modern Day.
  • The Russian October Revolution is a Social Democratic One
  • There are two renaissances, the Norse of the 16th century and Latin of the 18th century
  • The Mongol Invasion of Europe at first succeeds at first in OTL destroying Kiev and Poland but is defeated in the Balkans,
  • Many Saxon Scientists now appear as Celtic or Norse.
  • In the Chinese Civil War of the 20th century Mao and Kai-Sheck are both defeated by Social Democratic Jaung-Wu.
  • Latin France Colonizes South America.
  • Australia is colonized by Kelts and is named New South Wales.



Norse England

The Vestar Kingdom

Time Lines

Timeline of the Vestar Kingdom

General Timeline


Norwegian Conquest of England

The Norse Crusade

The Great Latin War


Famous Saxons

Famous Chinese

Famous Norse

Famous Arabs Famous Persians

Famous Hellenes

Famous Hebrews

Famous Slavs

Famous Indians

Famous Mesoamericans

Famous Teutons


  • United Norse Republic
  • League of Nations
  • Asian Co Prosperity Sphere
  • Khmer Union
  • Council of North and South Vestar



  • Norse Church (Centered in Copenhagen)
  • Hirdinvinti Thor (A mix of Ancient Germanic Religion and Cults of Vestaren and African aboriginal Tribes
  • Roman Catholic Church (Centered in Rome
  • Eastern Orthodox Church (Centered in Byzantium)


  • Sunni Islam
  • Shi'ite Islam
  • Zoroastrianism


  • Hinduism
  • Shintoism


  • Confucianism


  • Atheism


  • Kingdom of the Vestars
  • Sioux Confederation
  • Losua
  • Aztec-Mayan Republic
  • Hispania
  • Republic of New Umbirna
  • Republic of Germany
  • Ming Empire
  • Byzantine Republic
  • Democratic Republic of Anglo-Har
  • Kingdom of Aragon and Leon
  • Republic of Castile
  • Republic of Brittany
  • Frankphone Kingdom
  • Republic of Sossians
  • Kingdom of Orleans
  • Nationalist Republic of Portugal


  • New Fujian (Administered by the ManchuEmpire)

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