大日本帝國 Dai Nippon Teikoku
The Empire of Japan
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Japan, Eastern Russia, Northern China, Luzon in the Philippines, and Hainan Island
Flag of the Army of Japan Crysanthemum crest
Flag Coat of Arms
The Japanese Empire after the Great Asian War
Location of Japanese Empire after the Great Asian War

虎穴に入らずんば虎子を得ず (Koketsu ni irazunba koji wo ezu) (Japanese (日本語))
("If you do not enter the tiger's cave, you will not catch its cub.")

Anthem "Kimigayo (君が代)"
Capital and Largest City Kyoto (京都)
Other cities Osaka (大阪), Kobe (神戸), Taipei (臺北)
Official and Majority Language Japanese (日本語)
Religion Shintoism (神道)
Demonym Japanese (日本人)
Government Monarchy (with Advisors)
  legislature Emperor (天皇) and Shoguns (将軍)
Area 7,880,967 km2
Established February 18, 93 (660 BC)

Foudnation of the Empire of Japan

The Empire of Japan started in the year 93 (660 BC) under the leadership fo Emperor Jimmu 神武 to a rather small area on the island of Honshu 本州 but with the reigns of his successors the Emprie grew to encompass the island of Honshu, Kyushu 九州, Shikoku 四国, and Hokkaido 北海道, and the military of the Empire grew with the new nationalism gained by their rule from the Emperor. The Emperors of Japan, that had been heavily influenced by the Han Dynasty Emperors in Sinica, moved to take the three main islands as well as the Ryukyu archipelago. The Japanese scorned the Han Dynasty for looking down on them, solidifying a strong national pride in the people of Japan, and this led many of them to engage in foreign affairs to udnermine the Sinicans and to carve out pieces of them which led to the Chrysanthemum Affair that won Japan the island of Taiwan 台灣 as well as the acts that led to the start of the Sino-Japanese War.


Emperor Jimmu, foudner of the Japanese Empire.

The Emperors of the Empire of Japan

Emperor Jimmu 神武 93-168(660-585 BC)

Emperor Suizei 綏靖 168-204 (585-549 BC)

Emperor Annei 安寧 204-242 (549-511 BC)

Emperor Itoku 懿徳 242-277 (511-476 BC)

Emperor Kosho 孝昭 277-358 (479-395 BC)

Emperor Koan 孝安 358-462 (395-291 BC)

Emperor Korei 孝霊 462-538 (291-215 BC)

Emepror Kogen 孝元 538-556 (215-197 BC)

Emperor Isamu 勇 556-580 (197-173 BC)

Emperor Kaito 海斗 580-596 (173-157 BC)

Emperor Kaika 開化 596-615 (157-138 BC)

Emperor Sujin 崇神 615-635 (138-118 BC)

Emperor Kaifu 海部 635-673 (118-80 BC)

Emperor Fuyutsuki 冬月 673-696 (80-57 BC)

Emperor Koizumi 小泉 696-703 (57-50 BC)

Emperor Suinin 垂仁 703-725 (50-28 BC)

Emperor Nobu 延 725-784 (28 BC -31 AD)

Emperor Riku 陸 784-823 (31-70 AD)

Emperor Keiko 景行 823-854 (70-101 AD)

Emperor Yamada 山田 854-887(101-134 AD)

Emperor Seimu 成務 887-897 (134-144 AD) killed in Second Sino-Japanese War

Empress Harima 播 902-936 (149-183 AD) Wife of Seimu and victor in War of Japanese Succession

Emperor Chuai 仲哀 936-960 (149-207 AD) Son of Empress Harima

Emperor Kenzo 顕宗 960-991 (207-238 AD)

Emperor Jingu 神功 991-1015 (238-262 AD)

Emperor Genba玄葉 1015-1029 (262-276 AD)

Emperor Azumi 安住 1029-1048 (276-295 AD)

Emperor Murata 村田 1048-1050 (295-297 AD)

Emperor Suiko 綏行 1050-1072 (297-319 AD)

Empress Renhou 蓮舫 1072-1083 (319-330 AD)

Emperor Watanabe 渡部 1083-1091 (330- 338 AD)

Emperor Kenji 賢次 1091-1103 (338-350 AD)

Emperor Iesato 徳川 1103-1125 (350-372 AD)

Emperor Ojin 応神 1125-1147 (372-394 AD)

Emperor Nintoku 仁徳 1147-1159 (394-406 AD)

Emperor Richu 履中 1159-1177 (406-424 AD)

Emperor Reijiro 若槻 1177-1193 (424-440 AD)

Emperor Hanzei 反正 1193-1211 (440-458 AD)

Emperor Korechika 惟幾 1211-1234 (458-481 AD)

Emperor Takeaki 武揚 1234-1253 (481-500 AD)

Emperor Iwane 石根 1253-1262 (500-509 AD)

Emperor Kiyomori 清盛 1262-1277 (509-524 AD)

Emperor Shibasaru 柴三郎 1277-1291 (524-538 AD)

Emperor Hidetsuga 秀次 1291-1328 (538-575 AD)

Emperor Buretsu 武烈 1328-1355 (575-602 AD)

Emperor Senka 宣化 1355-1365 (602-612 AD)

Emperor Bidatsu 敏達 1365-1382 (612-629 AD)

Emperor Sushun 崇峻 1382-1407 (629-654 AD)

Emperor Kotoku 孝徳 1407-1414 (654-661 AD)

Emperor Kammu 桓武 1414-1438 (661-685 AD)

Emperor Heizei 平城 1438-1451 (685-698 AD)

Emperor Tsuneyoshi 恒徳 1451-1463 (698-701 AD)

Emperor Koiso小磯 1463-1479 (710-726 AD)

Emperor Nobuaki 伸顕 1479-1493 (726-740 AD)

Emperor Kitokuro 徳郎 1493-1526 (740-773 AD)

Emperor Koken 孝謙 1526-1539 (773-786 AD)

Emperor Shomu 聖武 1539-1552 (786-799 AD)

Emperor Ryotaro 龍太郎 1552-1583 (799-830 AD)

Provinces of the Empire of Japan.

Circuits of Japan

Circuits were groups led by generals in the Japanese Empire, but they were only used as titles of areas of the main Japanese Islands. There were Eight Circuits in Japan.

  • Hokkaido 北海道
  • Tosando 東山道
  • Hokurikudo 北陸道
  • Saikaido 西海道
  • San'indo 山陰道
  • Tokaido 東海道
  • San'yodo 山陽道
  • Nankaido 南海

Provinces of Hokurikudo

  • Echigo 越後
  • Echizen 越前
  • Wakasa 若狭
  • Kaga 加賀
  • Etchu 越中
  • Noto 能登
  • Sado 佐渡

Provinces of Tokaido

  • Awa 安房
  • Hitachi 常陸
  • Izu 伊豆
  • Kai 甲斐
  • Kazusa 上総
  • Mikawa 三河
  • Musashi 武蔵
  • Owari 尾張
  • Sagami 相模
  • Shimosa 下総
  • Suruga 駿河
  • Totomi 遠江

Provinces of San'yodo

  • Aki 安芸
  • Bingo 備後
  • Bitchu 備中
  • Bizen 備前
  • Harima 播磨
  • Mimasaka 美作
  • Suo

Provinces of San'indo

  • Hoki 伯耆
  • Inaba 因幡
  • 石見
  • Izumo 出雲
  • Nagato 長門
  • Oki 隠岐
  • Tajima 但馬
  • Tamba 丹波
  • Tango 丹後

Provinces of Nankaido

  • Izumi 和泉
  • Iyo 伊予
  • Ise 伊勢
  • Iga 伊賀
  • Awaji 淡路
  • Awa 阿波
  • Kawachi 河内
  • Kii 紀伊
  • Sanuki 讃岐
  • Shima 志摩
  • Tosa 土佐
  • Yamato 大和

Provinces of Tosando

  • Dewa 出羽
  • Hida 飛騨
  • Kozuke 上野
  • Mino 美濃
  • Mutsu 陸奥
  • Omi 近江
  • Shimotsuke 下野
  • Shinano 信濃

Provinces of Saikaido

  • Bungo 豊後
  • Buzen 豊前
  • Chikugo 筑後
  • Chikuzen 筑前
  • Higo 肥後
  • Hizen 肥前
  • Hyuga
  • Iki 壱岐
  • Osumi 大隅
  • Satsuma 薩摩
  • Tsushima 対馬

Imperial Colonies and Possessions

New Echizen, 新し越前, is a colony in Northern Asia, it was temporarily split by the Mongolian Kingdom, however that state fell back under Japanese dominion after they were no longer able to support their population. Other possessions include the island of Ryukyu Islands 琉球諸島, The Island of Hainan 海南, The Island of Taiwan 台湾, and the Island of Luzon 呂宋Empire

  • The Island of Luzon
  • The Island of Hainan
  • The Ryukyu Archipelago and the Island of Taiwan
  • The Colony of New Echizen, icludes the islands of Krafuto (Sakhalin) above Hokkaido

Provinces of Taiwan

  • Miaoli 苗栗
  • Hualien 花蓮
  • Gaoxiong 高雄
  • Chilung 基隆
  • Chiayi 嘉義
  • Changhua 彰化
  • Nantou 南投
  • Penghua 澎湖
  • Pingtung 屏東
  • Puzi 朴子
  • Taichung 臺中
  • Tainan 臺南
  • Taipei 臺北
  • Taitung 台東
  • Taoyuan 桃園
  • Xinbei 新北
  • Xinchu 新竹
  • Xinzhu 新竹
  • Yilan 宜蘭
  • Yunlin 雲林

Provinces of Hainan

  • Baisha 白沙
  • Baoting 保亭
  • Changjiang 昌江
  • Chengmai 澄迈
  • Danzhou 儋州
  • Ding'an 定安
  • Dongfang 东方
  • Haikou 海口
  • Ledong 乐东
  • Lingao 临高
  • Lingshui 陵水
  • Qionghai 琼海
  • Qiongzhong 琼中
  • Sanya 三亚
  • Tunchang 屯昌
  • Wanning 万宁
  • Wenchang 文昌
  • Wushishan 五指山


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