The Empire of India
Timeline: Carl999's Alternative History

OTL equivalent: India
Flag of India Emblem of India
Flag Flag of the Indian Empire

Truth Alone Triumphs (Hindi



Language Hindi



3,320,000 km²
  water (%) 1%
Population 1,220,000,000 
Established 2001
Currency Indian Rupee
Time Zone UTC +05:30
  summer UTC +05:30
Internet TLD 91
Organizations UN
The Indian Empire is a huge nation of 1.22 billion people located on the whole Indian Sub-continent, Sri Lanka and The Maldives. It borders Pakistan, The Islamic Republic of Janistan (Carl999), China, Nepal and Bhutan. Unlike its predecessor, the flag of India does not show the green which represents the Muslims but now is replaced by a blue strip representing the Buddhists of Sri Lanka.

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