Despite its enormous territorial gains, the Qing Dynasty was as weak as never before in its history. The new colonies of Somaliland and Eritrea and Chinese Columbia were not very beneficial to the Empire's economy, and the occupation of Japan remained a tedious issue. Above all, the new dependencies of Inner Russia and Turkestan remained far from loyal, and this was also true for the population. The various ethnic groups within the Qing realm were eager for independence, like the Mongols and Koreans; therefore the Army was mainly used to quell those rebellions, and gradually it got out of shape. The reluctant political reforms in the South were envied by the Qing intelligentsia, also leading to numerous student revolts. Despite these political weaknesses, the Great Qing Empire is still among the major industrial powers, and still able to withstand the pressure from the rising Soviet Union. Nonetheless, World War One has led to the breakup of the previous alliances, and there are signs that the Ming Empire would do everything overthrow the de jure ruling Manchus.

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