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Empire of Brazil

What if it never fell?

This Timeline will Explore a World where the Empire never faces the republican coup as OTL and survives to the upcoming ages

Point of Divergence

Pedro II's Sons and Daughters do not die, and thus the Dynasty's Sucession line is secured by male heirs, and Pedro doesn't enter depression. and the Triple Alliance War doesn't happen, thus not making the military so influential on politics and not causing a deficit on the treasure, allowing more investments

By 1860-1870s his majesty was already old and not able to rule so well as he did, so he gets to a conclusion and abdicates on 1868 to his older son, Dom Afonso Pedro. now roughly 23 Years old, and Pedro goes to achieve his dreams and travel throughout Europe and such. With the coronation of Afonso, Brazil enters a phase of reformation, as he'd want to make the nation a industrialized nation and advanced as the Europeans, seeing the rural and slave based economy wouldn't hold for long.


This phase would be marked by various political economic and social reforms from 1868 to 1890s ,to assist the industrialization effort and further stabilize the Empire for it, other reforms in the army are performed as well, reorganizing and refitting it by a more "western" structure.

on 25th August 1882, the "Ato de 82" is Signed by Afonso, formally outlawing the practice of slavery and giving all slave owners about 3 years to get rid of theirs, although obviously most of the elite doesn't like this and some begin to plot against His Majesty him self, knowing this he had all his armies under control of his most trusted man to prevent major conflicts.Altough On 13th December, a coup led by General Peixoto is attempted on the Imperial Capital, but fails. Other Internal Issues would also pop up, up to having a few skirmishes fought between Imperial Forces and those supporting the elites.

After a few years of relative turmoil inside the nation, by 1887 things had settled down and Brazil now faces a period of major economical transition from the old slave and rural based economy to a new industrial and capitalist economy

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